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@AyannaPressley I thought #amyconeybarrett was pro life ?! Seems suspect to have a Justice who seems to have a hard time making decisions.

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@jamalgreene So #amyconeybarrett is only #ProLife if it is white fetuses not Black men! ๐Ÿ™„

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I despise the fact that the goodness of women is less recognized in our #SCOTUS due to the cold addition of #AmyConeyBarrett.

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When I see this I think. #amyconeybarrett

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Interesting thread.....for all the wrong reasons. Sadly.

#SCOTUS #Executions #amyconeybarrett #Catholics #Trump #TrumpTreason

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Absolutely ABHORRENT AND SHAMEFUL. And they try to call themselves #Christians/Catholics?! #SCOTUS tainted majority like to kill people. They are as hypocritical, deplorable as day is long! #amyconeybarrett, ratface #Alito #Kavanaugh, ugly #ClarenceThomas, et al, I'm talking 2u!

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"Amy Coney Barrett was about 6 years old when her father, Michael Coney, began his 29-year career as one of Royal Dutch Shellโ€™s top attorneys." #amyconeybarrett

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Iโ€™ll never understand how Supreme Court justices that are against abortion can be ๐Ÿ’ฏ okay with the Death Penalty. #DustinHiggs #Kavanaugh #AmyConeyBarrett #NeilGorsuch

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#amyconeybarrett is a hypocrite, today she proved she's not "pro-life."

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Amy Coney Barrett should recuse herself when the Supreme Court hears an upcoming climate case against Shell, which employed her dad for 29 years. #amyconeybarrett # via @HuffPostPol

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@Sifill_LDF @DavidJW65112963 Christians always rush to snuff out life. Isn't part of their philosophy? #amyconeybarrett
#ChristianFascism #treason #sedition @nro @fbi

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Thank you Justice Sotomayor

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#AmyConeyBarrett is in outrageous conflict of interest: She must be de-barred.

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@NRO @baseballcrank On top of everything else @gop turned #trumpcoup into #Superspreader event.Too bad previous #Superspreaders #amyconeybarrett and @RandPaul were absent KILLING INNOCENTS WITH #COVID .
#trumpnazis NEVER WEAR MASKS!
#Trump kills tens of thousands.
@nro is silent.
#treason #sedition

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Supreme Court vacates the stay blocking Dustin Higgsโ€™s execution by a 6โ€“3 vote, with Breyer and Sotomayor both writing dissents. Sotomayor starts by naming every victim of the Trump administrationโ€™s killing spree.

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In the end, I just donโ€™t have the words.

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BREAKING: For the fourth time this week, the Supreme Court has voted 6-3 to clear the way for a last-minute federal execution before Trump leaves office. Justices Breyer and Sotomayor write dissents. Justice Kagan also notes her dissent.

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@mtarm If there is any, any question that he felt pain, #Gorsuch, #amyconeybarrett (took the position because she knew she'd never get the offer again because she is unqualified) &
#Cavanaugh have blood on their hands. #SCOTUS - especially gorsuch.

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@marwilliamson Oh, that is easy, she will religiously be obliged to ask her dad how to vote. #AmyConeyBarrett is no judge. She is a pawn.

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While I have appreciated you in the past, your behaviour toward the inappropriate rushed hearing for #amyconeybarrett and subsequent embrace of the #TreasonousTrumpSycophant @LindseyGrahamSC is unacceptable. Retire

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Worst Case:
Martial law and claiming the recent #cyberbreach by Iran/China while there's a senate trial to be in session, post #impeachment .
That how Trump & Pillow plan to fight it at the 5-4 advantage of #amyconeybarrett at the SC? #Economy will burst accordingly, stonks!

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Why the fuck is the CEO of a pillow company briefing POTUS on election result, emergency powers, and acting CIA Director appointments????

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Conflict of interest much #AmyConeyBarrett? Did she teach that at @NotreDame too?

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Justice Amy Coney Barrett is set to hear a case against Shell, her fatherโ€™s employer for 29 years. We need stronger ethics rules for judges.

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One year ago today I called on the Trump administration to release a national plan to prevent the spread of the emerging coronavirus in the United States.

Today, I look forward to the leadership of the incoming Biden administration to finally end this pandemic.

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So Republicans are upset about rushing the impeachment process? Do you remember #AmyConeyBarrett's hearing? Do you remember rushing through the fastest SCOTUS confirmation in history? Stop bitching. You can't run a circus then complain about elephant shit in your tent.

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@Independent Silly gooses, you can't expect a Trump appointee to have INTEGRITY! ๐Ÿคฃ

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Sad and angry abt #amyconeybarrett who will hear the #climate case against @Shell. We know how this is gonna turn out. Her dad was a shell lawyer for years. She must recluse herself!

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"Remember when a judge would #recuse themselves from a case if there was appearance of a conflict of interest?

#AmyConeyBarrett is set to hear a #climate case against #Shell, which employed her dad for 29 years. @HuffPostPol

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What was your convo w/ your black son when Colin Kaepernick took a knee, when George Floyd was murdered, when Ahmaud arbery was killed in his own neighborhood running, or when Elijah MccLain was killed walking home from a convenience store?


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Amy Coney Barrett Set To Hear Case Against #Shell, Her Dadโ€™s Employer For 29 Years

#AmyConeyBarrett #Corruption

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@RepDLesko @WSJ is a Murdoch outlet with ridiculous radical un-conservative opinions. The speed of the riot, the incitement by #BigmouthTrump and the Capitol siege demanded fast action. You did #AmyConeyBarrett, didn't you. Fastest, worst judge in history. Undemocratic anti-woman.

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#AmyConeyBarrett has NOT recused herself from hearing a case against #Shell, who employed her father for 29 years

This shows that she is NOT honorable enough to be serving on #SCOTUS

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#AmyConeyBarrett is set to be among the #SupremeCourt justices who will hear a climate case against #Shell, which employed her dad for 29 years. It's still not clear she'll recuse herself. via @HuffPostPol

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#AmyConeyBarrett Set To Hear Case Against #Shell, Her Dad's Employer For 29 Years

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@xxdr_zombiexx As confirmed by the #ACTIVISTjudge #amyconeybarrett refusing to recuse herself from a case where her Daddy will be a witness (he worked at Shell for 29 years)
#LawlessSCOTUS needs to be brought down too!

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God Bless @amyklobuchar I LUV this girl!!
ever since she flat-out called the #amyconeybarrett procedure
#GirlPowerKlobuchar #MyKindaGirl

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As I told @Lawrence, in less than a week, @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris will be inaugurated in a safe and secure manner.

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#AmyConeyBarrett's Dad may be Deposed in #Baltimore #Climate Liability Case

If Philip Morris killed us 1 smoker at a time, BP & ExxonMobil, et al r taking out r entire planet, as the new world record of $billion โ€œnaturalโ€ disasters in 2020 makes clear:

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6-3 decision from SCOTUS in the decision to allow #CoreyJohnson's execution to move forward.

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While we were sleeping the Supreme Court voted to disallow people to order the morning after pill by mail, forcing them to go to the pharmacy in person during a pandemic.Shame on them.

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