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Congratulations @AlisonBarkoff on your appointment. A true #DisabilityRights champion to serve as acting ACL Administrator and Assistant Secretary of Aging! #CripTheVote #BidenTransition #DisabilityCoalition h/t @HonTonyCoelho

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More senior HHS staff:
Dawn O’Connell—senior counselor for Covid response
AJ Pearlman—chief of staff for Covid response
Kathryn Alvarez—deputy CoS for Covid response

Ben Sommers—deputy assistant sec for planning&eval
Alison Barkoff—ACL principal deputy administrator (2/2)

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New senior HHS staff coming in, per an internal email:
Anne Reid—deputy chief of staff
Kristin Avery—WH liason
Lisa Barclay—deputy general counsel
Paul Rodriguez—deputy general counsel
Joshua Peck—deputy assistant sec for public engagement (1/2)

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Thrilled to learn that Alison Barkoff is officially Acting Assistant Secretary for Aging and Administrator of @ACLgov. @POTUS is off to a great start hiring such a disability expert to ensure policies centered on #PwDs. #CriptheVote #DisabilityCoalition

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More senior appointments at HHS are out, per internal email. Among them:
— ANNE REID, deputy chief of staff
— LISA BARCLAY and PAUL RODRIGUEZ, deputy general counsels
— JOSH PECK, deputy asst sec for public engagement

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@KamalaHarris @VP @WhiteHouse Indeed... Let's get to work on our HEMS healthcare housing education employment military & social services #BidenTransition #Inauguration2021

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How did today compare to past Inauguration Days? Which challenges is President Biden facing during his first days in office? @DCKristiina and @MikaAaltola walk you through it on @YleAstudio

#InaugurationDay #BidenTransition #InauguralParade #WashingtonDC

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Hello @svdate
Look at the @WhiteHouse @potus @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @VP
Press Release.
It's replete with errors, please fix.... #Inauguration2021 #BidenTransition

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HHS formally posts its leadership team, which is overwhelmingly career civil servants in acting roles.

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Scoop w/@josheidelson: Biden demanded the resignation of the federal labor board's top attorney just after being sworn in today. No word yet whether he'll leave voluntarily or force Biden to fire him.

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Don’t Let President Biden ‘Make Us the Dupes of Our Hopes’ #BidenHarrisInauguration #BidenTransition

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Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon reached a 12-year high. But the incoming Biden-Harris administration can advance ambitious climate action policies that protect the #Amazonrainforest. Join @amazonwatch in calling on them to do so! #BidenTransition

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Y’all, we getting folks with degrees again!! Bye, Trumpsters! #BidenHarris2020 #DumpTrumpDay #BidenTransition

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The nightmare ends TODAY!!!!!!
Available on Amazon:

#BidenHarris2020 #InaugurationDay2021 #InaugurationDay #BidenHarris2020 #BidenTransition #BidenHarrisInauguration #Inauguration2021 #InaugurationDay #BidenIsYourPresident

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Fabulous Lady Gaga. Amazing performance! 😊👍🗽🗽 #BidenInauguration #BidenTransition #usavaalit @ladygaga

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#StopTigrayGenocide #BidenTransition please please please stop 🛑 war on Tigray #TigrayGenoicde Stop 🛑

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Historiallinen hetki. Kamala Harris astuu virkaansa. What a historical moment. Yes we Can! #BidenTransition #BidenInauguration #BidenHarris @KamalaHarris

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@JohnKingCNN @wolfblitzer, @jaketapper






#TrumpsLastDay #BidenTransition

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“...four years of a president without shame, backed by a party without spine, amplified by a network without integrity...” #NYTimes #ThomasFriedman #AfterTrump #BidenTransition

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You know why blackJewish singers aren’t more popular #LSSC? Good thing we have a more open minded presidency now #BidenTransition.

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But can Biden and the media PLEASE not call it an "antisemitism czar"? The name itself presents such a paradox that it's an absurdity. A "czar" in charge of fighting antisemitism? The czar doesn't fight antisemitism. The czar encourages it.

#antisemitism #BidenTransition

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Hieno valmentaa itsensä johtamista. Helmet kaulassa suuren päivän kunniaksi. Nainen, Harris nousee Capitol Hillille tänään varapressaksi. #BidenInauguration #usavaalit #BidenTransition

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First order of business is these college loans! They need to go ahead & forgive that shit b/c I have no intentions of paying that shit back ... AT ALL 🤣🤣🤣

#college #studentloans #BidenTransition #BidenHarris2020 #Inauguration2021 #InaugurationDay #BidenHarris

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#ICYMI: #BidenHarris announced some key members of their science team and for the first time, elevated the OSTP Director to cabinet-level. Read @theAGU's full statement here and see the full list from the #BidenTransition team:

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Demokratia voittaa. Se on se asia, jolla on merkitys tässä maailmassa. Ihmisellä muisti, kansakunnalla historia. #BidenInauguration #BidenHarris #usavaalit #BidenTransition

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This feeling right here. Been waiting for it. Praying and fighting for it. It did not disappoint. 👏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽 #itsfinallyover ❤️ #ByeTrump #BidenTransition #Amen

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Donald on taas duck. Donald is again a duck. 😊🙄 #usavaalit #BidenInauguration #BidenTransition

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Today we return from the United States of the President to the President of the United States #BidenTransition

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US to continue backing India: Blinken #Bidentransition #Foreignrelations

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Trump restricted from posting on YouTube for another week #Trump #Bidentransition

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The conflict and instability in Ethiopia top folder on @JoeBiden's in-tray. Expect some major policy shifts, pronouncements.

Trump admin gave wink and a nod when Abiy moved against Tigray, in part, to salve the hurt caused by Trump's "Egypt will blow up the dam" comment.

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Joe Biden vannoo tänään virkavalansa. Kiinnostavaa, mitä voimme saada aikaan transatlanttisessa ja globaalissa yhteistyössä nyt, kun Yhdysvaltojen ja Euroopan välinen yhteistyö tiivistyy uudelleen. Lisää blogissa:
#bidentransition #InaugurationDay

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@JoeBiden must use ALL the tools of statecraft in competition w/ #China BUT cannot afford to neglect the value of a strong military! #CCP #CCPChina #BidenTransition #PresidentElectBiden @Transition46 @RCDefense @HudsonInstitute

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This is a great column about Biden’s choice for “antisemitism czar” and what it will signal. cc @Jacob_Labendz

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