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A classic case of "The economy is doing fine, but the people aren't".

Dems-controlled Congress prevented the #IRS from updating the Economic Impact Payment system for #COVID19 after April 27, 2020 ➡️ worsen the suffering of Americans

August 11, 2020: IRS 👇

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THE punishable enforcement of #Masks is designed purely to spread mass propaganda by fear in order to justify the draconian policies of authoritarian governments, and to help realise the dystopian dreams of #COVID19 globalists and the ruling class elite.

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#Corona Info for #USA:
New Cases: 168927
Today Recovery: 66446
Today Deaths: 2137
Total Active Cases: 5066956
Total Cases: 12948887
Total Recovery: 7616089
Total Deaths: 265842
#Coronavirus #Covid19 #Covid_19 #SARSCoV2 #StaySafe

Source: 'CoronaTrackerNepal_bot' #Telegram.

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Seguidores ya empezó el Black Friday en @PriceSmartpa APROVECHEN!!! Pero tengan mucho cuidado con el #Covid19 que hoy fueron 1,272 casos nuevos en Panamá. OJO @MINSAPma

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Don’t come at me with your damn pizza parties and “HEROS WORK HERE” signs and then gather in your big groups, go to the bars, and have a huge Thanksgiving. That shit rolls downhill for your “heros” to try and handle because “mUh FrEedoMs.” #COVID19 #stayathome

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941 new COVID-19 cases in B.C.; 10 deaths #COVID19

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941 new COVID-19 cases in B.C.; 10 deaths #COVID19

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[2/2] The specimen date is the date the #COVID19 test was done.

The 7-day rolling rate is expressed per 100k population and is calculated by dividing the 7-day total number of positive cases by the area population and multiplying by 100k.


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@rodofueguino Una sombra #covid19 😂😂😂😂

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Check out Austria's #COVID19 situation in April (full lockdown, people compliant bc proximity to Italy) vs now (mock lockdown implemented too late, people "tired" of covid).

Austria has lost control. The government failed to prepare for the #SecondWave when they had all summer.

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They bout to start binge buying toilet paper again 😔 #COVID19

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The pandemic has proven that the individual is not supreme. @HeidiTworek quoted in @macleans discussing some of the findings from our recently published report.

Find the report here:

#COVID19 #communication #democracy

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Prof Sarah Gilbert: The woman who designed the Oxford #COVID19 vaccine

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International Day for the Elimination of #ViolenceagainstWomen

✋ Kick off #16days of activism against Gender-Based Violence!

➡️ Learn more at

#COVID19 #OrangeTheWorld #HealthForAll

@SayNO_UNiTE @UN_Women

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“When public health is working well, it’s invisible, because people are healthy and safe,” says epidemiologist Ross C. Brownson.

With #Covid19, it has been very visible – and now’s our chance to fix it, he says.

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#COVID19 has led to a dramatic expansion in telemedicine. It’s critical that we continue to explore ways to encourage telemedicine while also ensuring that protective safeguards are in place.

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.@DinosWBB outbreak has 8 active cases. @jkenney also mentioned there have been 9 outbreaks "at hockey games." More to come on @CTVCalgary News. #COVID19AB #COVID19 #yyc #yql

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 和歌山県では、11/25 09:24時点での感染者数は403人、死亡者数は4人となっています。


#新型コロナウイルス #COVID19

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#covid2019 #CoronaCrisis
#coronavirus #COVIDActNow #coronaupdate #COVID19Pandemic

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I support this legislation, because we should be helping America recover from #COVID19 not helping dictators!

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prosto o prawie także związanym z #KoronawirusWPolsce #COVID19

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#ÚLTIMAHORA🚨| Claudia Pavlovich, gobernadora de #Sonora, supera el #Covid19.🦠

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Daily Updates (11/23) : Illinois

Cases: 9.5 k (LW: 12.6 k)
7-day avg: 10891 (LW: 12381)

Deaths: 150 (LW: 113)
7-day avg: 135 (LW: 96)

Hospitalization: 6,134 (LW: 5,887)
ICU: 1,203

Avg positivity: 10.38%

#mSightly #COVID19 #COVID_19

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Daily Updates (11/23) : Pennsylvania

Cases: 6.7 k (LW: 5.9 k)
7-day avg: 6.5 k (LW: 5.3 k)

Deaths: 81 (LW: 30)
7-day avg: 85 (LW: 38)

Hospitalization: 3,897 (LW: 2,737)
ICU: 826

Avg positivity: 25.25%

#mSightly #COVID19 #COVID_19

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[1/2] #COVID19, 24 Nov. Positive cases for #RBWM #MSOA with specimen dates between 13 & 19 Nov, yesterday’s figures in { }.

7-day total number of positive cases for RBWM: 223 {245}

7-day rolling rate for RBWM: 147.3 {161.8}

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🛸👾😘✨🤧😎😎🤩🎤🎧🎹🎼 #GRAMMYs #AMAs2020 #COVID19 #Elections2020 🙄👽👾'

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🚨 #BREAKING Scientists discover new source of #COVID19 transmission: Dodo Birds. #StayHome!!!

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A bunch of my images documenting NZ's response to #covid19 #Covid19nz @OtagoWellington

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Más de un 70% de enfermos de covid curados en Wuhan tuvieron síntomas después #LaTribuna #Honduras #COVID19

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'IATA Travel Pass' will support safe reopening of borders – Association

#IATATravelPass #DigitalHealth #Pass #DigitalPassport #COVID19 #vaccine #Traveller

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The #CollegeBasketball season starts tomorrow! Yet recently there has been growing skepticism surrounding whether or not games should be played. Tune in here to see how @MonmouthBBall head coach King Rice feels about the situation surrounding #COVID19 and safety! @MAACHoops

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Mais um artigo do LIP publicado com sucesso! Esse é sobre terapias não-celulares: novas abordagens para a COVID-19. Parabéns, LIPenses!!


#LIP #LIPUFRJ #coronavirus #ufrj #saúde #cienciabrasileira #covid19 #fiocruz

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Otorgarán 11 mil 460 pesos para familiares de quienes han perdido la vida por #COVID19

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BREAKING: See attached image for new #COVID19AB restrictions in a nutshell. Also: 10 new official #COVID19 outbreaks in Calgary & South Health Zones, including @DinosWBB team. Stay tuned to @CTVCalgary for more details & reaction. #yyc #yql

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The nominees in the Best Pop Solo Performance category are some of #pop music's most listened to artists, and ones whose #songs have been on our #playlists for months. 🎧

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Hospitals and health care workers are facing overwhelming surges in coronavirus cases nationwide. Please do your part in slowing the spread. We will defeat this virus, but we have to do it together.

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🤔Y si os digo que hasta hoy los test PCR no diferencian entre "Covid, gripe A y B y el virus respiratorio sincitial (RSV)"?

Confirmamos que:
✅Nos toman por subnormales
✅Los PCR son un timo
✅Llevan 9 meses MINTIENDO

#WakeUp #Plandemia #Farmafia

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As recent as yesterday, D1 Head coaches such as @RealPitino have pushed to move the start of the #CollegeBasketball season back. How does a head coach competing in his conference feel? We asked King Rice of @MonmouthBBall his thoughts! #MAACHoops

Full 📖:

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Images that reflect the impact of and response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Aotearoa/NZ. Read our latest blog -

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here's how rampant COVID is in LA County now

on Sept. 14, officials estimated that 1 out of every 1,061 Angelenos was currently infectious with COVID. on Oct. 1, it was 1 in 950. on Nov. 2, 1 out of 670. on Nov. 9, 1 in 580.

by Nov. 16, it was 1 in 250. and it's only going up

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A partir del 2 de diciembre, se otorgará 11 mil 460 pesos para familiares de quienes lamentablemente han perdido la vida por #COVID19

Se podrá solicitar en como apoyo universal y directo, sin importar condición social, o si tiene o no seguridad social.

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A single F-35 costs over $100 million. For that kind of money, we could feed 40 million kids.

I've introduced legislation to block the sale of F-35s and other weapons to the UAE, a global human rights abuser. We should be focused on the deadly pandemic, not arming dictators.

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What changed?

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