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Spot the ones with a nose exposed!

#WearAMask means cover your mouth AND your nose.
#SuperSpreaderEvent by #COVIDIOTS

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@HawleyMO #ResignTedCruz #resign #COVIDIOTS #TrumpSeriesFinale #JoshHawley #CapitolRiots #ExpelTedCruzNow #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy #CorruptGOP

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So there’s a guy here at the laundromat with a FUCK BIDEN flag on his white trash-mobile and of course he’s not wearing a mask.

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@KRaymerBishop @TBCWR @fordnation Each and every person should be fined. This is purely selfish behavior.

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What part of going out for a Hot Chocolate is “essential travel”?
When a #StayHome order is in place we are to #StayAtHome .
Airlines, hotels, tourism boards are all encouraging travel while hospitals, morgues and governments are saying the opposite.

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There's 14 people outside here adults and children from different families playing in the snow. I'm fed up rowing so fuck them let them get on with it.

#COVIDIOTS #stayhome

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Το λογισμικό της Apple, λέει, έβαλαν κατά λάθος στο εμβόλιο του Bill Gates , κι από εκείνη την ώρα κάνει συνέχεια restart, χωρις τη θέλησή του.

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Hitler voiced the same hypocrisy during his Reign of Terror #Covid_19 #COVIDIOTS @MattHancock #Plandemic #Vaccine?

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¡En todo el mundo hay #COVIDIOTS !

vía @elcomerciocom

Por cierto, arreglen el “typo”. Se escribe correctamente #Ámsterdam

No “Amsterdan” 🙄

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Abbiamo dei giornalisti che vadano a documentare effettivi ‘affanno’ ovvero ‘pressione’ sugli ospedali a causa di soggetti affetti da sars-cov2? #covidioti #covidiots

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Turna off-licence, Atkyns Road, Woodfarm, Oxford. Covidiots clearly not wearing masks being served no problem as usual @TVP_OxNorthEast #Turna #AtkynsRoad #covidiots

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Η χήρα πήρε 1000€ από #χουντα_κουλη για να τον δηλώσει ως θάνατο από #Covid_19 .


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Nessuno che comunichi dei circa 13000 positivi giornalieri a tamponi di dubbia validità, quanti sono sintomatici, nel senso che abbiano qualcosa di più di un raffreddore. #covidioti #covidiots

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Get over it for god's sake ...Stupid #COVIDIOTS

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Wie weit links muss man eigentlich sein um auf der rechten Seiten die Bühne betreten zu können?

Die Leute lesen einen Bericht und vergessen die letzten 20 Jahre - ist das dumm und erbärmlich.

#rammstein #lindemann @Tilllindemnn #Covid_19 #COVIDIOTS #Corona #Corona

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#FDO @VIGI_MI @gendarmerie

Tout ce que vous disent les #medias est faux. Voici la Suède
La mascarade #Covid_19

#militaires #gendarmes #gendarmerie #PoliceNationale #crs #COVIDIOTS #fcpe #MasqueObligatoire #EducationNationale #Hydroxychloroquine #BalanceTonMasque

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Yet another one ... strip him of his knighthood #COVIDIOTS #Covid19UK

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La vaccination devient un sujet "politique". Putain d' #antivax et de #COVIDIOTS

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What bit of “almost 100,000 dead” don’t you completely selfish, ignorant, self centred disease spreaders not understand? #COVIDIOTS #Covid19UK #COVIDSecondWave #COVIDisAirborne @NHSEnglandLDN @UKGovernmentEng @metpoliceuk @Ldn_Ambulance @MayorofLondon @10DowningStreet

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#COVIDIOTS #Covid19UK #illegalrave #EssexPolice once again our nation let down by mindless selfish idiots. Fines have been issued, make them do 24 hours community service cleaning covid wards! I wonder how many would shit themselves at the thought?

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The more data I read about #Covid_19 & #WearAMask; the more #antimask I become. I still wear one because I don’t feel like fighting #COVIDIOTS, but data and numbers don’t lie. #FactsMatter #MaskUp

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@Muad_Dib_ @ShuaibKhan26 @IsmaMullor How do you explain Taiwan & Vietnam then? #COVIDIOTS

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Arrest all of these #COVIDIOTS!

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@vayalamty @JudithMedrano Tenemos que decir la verdad, las autoridades estatales y municipales no hacen nada contra los #COVIDIOTS porque tienen miedo de perder votos

Ya basta de excusas #NuevoLeon

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Who are the conspirators? Who are the covidiots?

We have been telling you from the beginning that the numbers are manipulated #COVIDIOTS #COVID #COVID19 #Canadian #france

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TLDR: "I'm sorry I got caught"
#ldnont #onpoli #cdnpoli #COVID19 #COVIDIOTS

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@LaurToronto4 Thank you.
He was 36 years young.
Angers me that people kept pointing out he had asthma, like it was ok, and covid was not scary because he had preexisting conditions.
His life deserved more than #COVIDIOTS extended to him.

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There seems to be a pattern.

When I take a peek at many #covidiots timelines, I invariably find support for Trump and talk of a stolen election.

I wonder if a deeper dig will find flat earth arguments, moon landing denialism and 911 conspiracies?

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Tegen beter weten in naar het #Museumplein gaan en dan gaan lopen janken dat je klappen krijgt.


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BREAKING: Linda Hasenfratz will remain Western's chancellor after stepping down from Ontario's vaccine rollout task force Tuesday.

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Police break up rave in east London as hundreds defy regulations

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You threw away your career, your reputation, and your duty to this nation. Was it worth it, Josh?

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Walked into a restaurant last night in San Diego to pick up some food. Dutifully wearing an N95, which I switched to as cases soared & the new variant emerged. Place was packed. Bar slammed. Not a mask in sight, except mine and the servers. Surreal. Still trying to process it.

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Staff are scared to work at the UK vehicle licensing agency's contact centre in Swansea where 500 workers have contracted coronavirus since the pandemic began, a union says. Do you think it’s safe for people to be working in offices during the pandemic? #DVLA #Coronavirus

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A tweet that didn't age well

Today is a year since Boris Johnson failed to attend a Covid COBR meeting. Matt Hancock chaired it instead & said the risk to the UK was ‘low’

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I love my country and every part of it & I think when we work together we work very, very effectively.

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10 people arrested following anti-lockdown protests in downtown Toronto

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Calling all STC cafes, bistros and shops – join our Hot Chocolate Trail promotion AT NO CHARGE.

Promotion starts this February. SIGN UP NOW!

Camera with flash – Wandering Spirits

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Government admit they put covid-19 on every death certificate

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Stockholm, le 22 janvier,

Aucun masque, les bars et restaurants ouverts.

Comme vous les voyez c'est une hécatombe, les cadavres jonchent le sol, c'est l'apocalypse promise par Delfraissy et Macron


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Πέθανε από κορωνοϊό ο Larry King σε ηλικία 88 ετών

Διαβάστε περισσότερα:

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T2 Heathrow Friday afternoon. No ventilation. Long delays. Superspreading.

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