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@elonmusk Awesome! It’s actions like this to move the needle.
#ccu #ClimateAction #co2 #ParisAgreement

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Biden for sure has the chance to advance #ClimateAction - the start was already goo, but keep going, America!

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Time to pick up the pace of #climateaction

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@DaveSharma Dave, where is Australia’s updated NDC? The UK’s plan, for a 68% cut in emissions by 2030, compared with 1990 levels, was submitted in December. Where’s ours? #ParisAgreement #ClimateAction #auspol @VoicesWentworth

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Ready to take #ClimateAction❓ It's time for a fresh start and change course toward more sustainable lifestyles.

Join the #ActNow movement with this new app & see what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint ➡

#SDGactions #ForPeopleForPlanet

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1 million young people urge governments to prioritise climate crisis - #climateaction #globalwarming

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Bitcoin Energy consumption killing people, animals and plants shame on you to keep silent @UNFCCC @UNFCCCwebcast @Momentum_UNFCCC #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #Bitcoin

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An “Australian-first initiative”: ACT to try to measure and reduce carbon emissions generated to make products and services used in Canberra but produced elsewhere.

via @canberratimes #ClimateAction

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#ElonMusk says he will give $100 million to whoever creates the best carbon capture technology #ClimateAction #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange

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Statement from CalCCA's executive director, Beth Vaughan, expressing appreciation for @POTUS Joe Biden’s decision to re-enter the #ParisAgreement. Looking forward to more #ClimateAction to come!

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#PresidentBiden returned the US to the #ParisAgreement. What does this mean for #climateaction and #sustainability? From leadership, to science, to #climatefinance, Consultant Nicole Lim breaks down what we can expect after this historic #dayone.

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It wasn’t just LadyGaga’s voice that soared today - there’s a reset on #climateaction, and you can bet that business will respond in kind: by @TinaMCasey on @TriplePundit

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@Reuters How about we just plant a lot of trees and stop cutting down the healthy ones? #CO2 #trees #ClimateAction

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#Somalia's revised #climateaction pledge #NDC is coming, including the goal to ↘️GHG emissions by 30% by 2030 - a significant target given the country’s extremely challenging circumstances & constrained resources. #Adaptation is also front-and-center 🇸🇴

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Thomas Lovejoy: “… the Amazon’s highest value is in development that is based on forest #biodiversity, and in maintaining the hydrologic cycle for the Amazon and the South American #climate system.”

#AmazonRainforest #ClimateAction #deforestation

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@laurenboebert To use your favorite word, #BullCrap.
We went down this road when we passed SB181 in CO.

Colorado is ready to lead in Renewable energy.
You’re not up to the task, so better you step aside & let visionaries & innovators do their work.

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Biden's Day One actions signal hope for climate, energy sectors ? via @smartcitiesdive #ActOnClimate #climate #Sustainability #energy #cheerstochange #ClimateAction #Sustainability #policy #ParisClimateAgreement #futureishere #renewableenergy

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@ALCassady Congrats Alison! This is such great news and can’t wait to see what amazing #ClimateAction you and the team accomplish @EPA!

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The Keene City Council on Thursday adopted a sweeping plan to transition the city to 100-percent renewable energy in the coming decades.

Congratulations to our neighbors in Keene!

#Readyfor100 #ActonClimate #cleanenergy #renewableenergy #ClimateAction

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One of my daughters' favorite bedtime stories. Beautifully written and illustrated. Today I got to tell them about a big step our new president took to stop the black snake. #ClimateAction

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@LouCorradi Fingers crossed. The opposition can still throw a wrench or two. (They already filed a new brief with the Public Service Commission.) But this is a big, big hurdle crossed today. 👊

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Renew Oceans, a clean waters NGO with which Exxon, Shell, Dow + 50 other firms committed to spend $1.5bn over 5 years, is closing. It promised to collect 45 tonnes of plastic trash from the Ganga in 2019 and 450T in 2020. #ClimateAction #plasticpollution

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The amazing @TheAmandaGorman has captured our attention with her reading at the #JoeBidenInauguration, but from a series of amazing #poems written by her, one that has touched us deeply, is #Earthrise, a poem for #ClimateAction - via @YouTube

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Do be part of #WSDS2021 With eminent voices from the Global South, this event will help furthering talks and laying down #ClimateAction plans. The best part- IT'S FREE! Not that this should be an incentive for working for our planet. @ThereIsNoEarthB @DDKhera

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Thank you @brookecorte for the opportunity to discuss the #Vulcan #ZeroCarbon® Project on @2GB873

#climate #ClimateAction #Europe #Germany #ElectricVehicles #Batteries #renewables #geothermal #decarbonisation #ESG #ImpactInvesting $VUL #energy

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Gonna be hard to keep up with all the #ClimateAction -- a good problem to have.

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Biden: Five ways he will reverse Trump on the environment via @mercnews #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction

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"Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis" music to my ears!

#climatechange #climatecrisis #climateaction #GreenNewDeal #greengrowth

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Keene City Council approves plan to meet ambitious clean-energy goals.

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Biden's "Climate Leaders Summit" will be on Earth Day:

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.@POTUS just signed an executive order that directs agencies to consider revising methane pollution standards for the oil and gas industry, after the Trump administration rolled back these protections.

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Democrats right now ...

I'm so relieved that we're shutting down a clean pipeline so we can buy oil from the non-regulated Middle East and have it transported by thousands of huge, gas guzzling tankers who dump their oily bilge in the ocean.

sCieNCe !!!

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Wow, Biden has been busy. Not even one day in office, and major movements on climate change are already underway.

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Join us for World Sustainable Development Summit 2021 from 10-12 Feb as we lead discussions on #sustainability from the Global South that will also contribute to @cop26. Register for #WSDS2021 & #Act4Earth in a crucial year for #climateaction. @mnreindia

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@DaveSharma In the absence of leadership from the US, we've seen the EU, China, Japan, South Korea and the UK all set more ambitious emissions targets in the last 12 months.
Australia has done nothing, instead promising to burn more gas.
We are waiting for YOU to lead.

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