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Hi @vonderleyen @RegSprecher @EmmanuelMacron @EU_Council @GiuseppeConteIT global inequality in #COVID19 vaccine distribution is unacceptable. Will you step up and #ACTogether to ensure worldwide access to life-saving vaccines in 2021? Let's defeat this global pandemic for good!

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#COVID19 has forced us to reimagine the communities and society we want moving forward 🌍
Read more from @DTEK_en CEO in this blog about why this is #TheGreatReset for the 🇺🇦 energy sector 👇

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Thank you, @WhiteHouse, for committing to defeating #COVID19 and continuing the efforts towards achieving #SDG3. #westandwithWHO

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Basically, #Biden's top, day one priority was @immigration, not #covid19! It's the ONLY bill he proposed. @MZHemingway @JoeConchaTV @RaheemKassam @catturd2 @jsolomonReports @595sparky @Brooklyn__Girl @AnnCoulter

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What’s your plan @JoeBiden ? Why did so many people die from #COVID19 on your watch?? You are to blame ... oh wait ... what 🤷‍♀️

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I predict public anger will peak at the Government's complete and utter failure on #Covid19 when other countries open up with fans allowed back to live sport, bars are fully open, festivals take place and travel bridges are lifted whilst the UK oscillates in and out of lockdowns

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(3/4)En ningún círculo infantil de #Matanzas ha existido evento de transmisión desde el inicio de la pandemia gracias a la desinfección, el lavado de las manos, el uso del nasobuco y el distanciamiento físico. #PeriodicoGiron te informa #COVID19

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Today on 21st Jan,
Monthly meeting of Dar-ul-Aman was held which was chaired by Additional Deputy Commissioner General Jhelum, Mr Umer Iftikhar Sherazi.


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We are delighted to announce that two Suffolk community pharmacies will start #COVID19 vaccinations today.
Please do not contact the pharmacies directly as they are not taking bookings.

Click here to read more:

#communitypharmacy #CovidVaccine

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I cannot... Our leaders don't believe in Covid-19 and have done nothing to limit the spread but this. This can't be real... Right?🤦🏽‍♀️ #Oklahoma #COVID19

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#BalanceCovid La Comisión Presidencial para la Prevención y Control del #COVID19 informa al país que en las últimas 24 horas se detectaron 574 nuevos contagios: 550 casos comunitarios y 24 importados.

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We are all learning about #COVID19 Variants of Concern. This is great summary of the issues from CA “It’s one to watch, but it’s very unclear if it's more transmissible or whether it’s been driven up in frequency because of founder effects and/or biases"

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La #DictatureSanitaire créée par les gouvernements du monde entier rend certains patrons très heureux !
#Netflix #COVID19

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A este paso tendremos la inmunidad de grupo en 2050. #España #COVID19 Somos de vergüenza

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#Bolivia #COVID19

Lo que no hace el gobierno lo tiene que hacer el sector privado...

#NegligenciaCriminal de @LuchoXBolivia

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Safety by choice, not by chance. Don't take a chance with your life during a pandemic

#Interior #design #interiordesigining #interiordesign #covid19 #covidmeasures #precautions #safety #interiorstyle #interiorstyling #coronavirus #commercialspace #commercialdesign

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Trump's people had no plan. We thought they acted like they had no plan, but now we know for a fact that they had no plan. This is criminal. Crimes against humanity. Has Trump been arrested yet? #COVID19

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Remember trump tweeting #Covfefe. Maybe that was a hint #COVID19

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#TamilNadu #COVID19 Day Wise Death Cases Details

Total Deaths - 12,299

21Jan - 09
20Jan - 09
19Jan - 09
18Jan - 08
17Jan - 07
16Jan - 06
15Jan - 05
14Jan - 04
13Jan - 06
12Jan - 08
11Jan - 06
10Jan - 07
09Jan - 07
08Jan - 08
07Jan - 12
06Jan - 11
05Jan - 11
04Jan - 10


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"Los encargados están eligiendo quienes ocupan camas" 🗣️ Señaló la Dra Idalia Medina de la Asociación de Médicos de Alto Paraná 📌 quien nos comentó la realidad que atraviesan en el este del país 🇵🇾. #Covid19 #COVID19py #PersonalDeBlanco #C9NNoticias

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As Biden gets ready to sign in more #COVID19 orders, how about a mandatory exercise program? How many athletes have been hospitalized let alone have died? I think the number is zero. @onepeloton #powerwalk for me as midday break from markets.

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#COVID19 🇵🇾 | "Es lo que veníamos hablando cuando pedíamos a la gente que se cuide en las fiestas de fin de año y estas son las consecuencias que estamos teniendo" @roque16silva, Dtor. de la XI Región Sanitaria #780AM

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Some German states now require N95 mask standards. Unless every beard is shaved off, this is mere activism. Same goes for the bishops who require it. I bet we do not see these Princebishops clean shaven - because they are masters of double standards. #Church #germany #COVID19

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I can't believe we've been saying 2020 must end because it was just too much to handle it, we were so rushing to 2021. Well we here now🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️and 2021 is busy chewing us like is chewing popcorns non stop😭😭 this is rather too much 💔💔
#Covid19 mara

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#URGENTE | El plan piloto de vacunación contra el #Covid19 se inició en el Hospital Militar de #Quito, donde se inmunizó a 36 servidores médicos. »

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Este Viernes 22 a las 20:00hrs. comenzaremos con #MiradaRegional tema de este primer programa " #COVID19 y #vacunas"
invitado: Dr. Freddy Roach, Médico Microbiólogo y Parasitólogo
Te esperamos, conéctate y deja tus consultas!!

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Covid-19 Caseload Rises to 99,630 as 186 Test Positive

#RIPNyachae #COVID19 #COVIDSecondWave #CovidVaccine
Deputy President Nairobi

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New analysis of 2020 data using four #satellite technologies suggests a significant decline in this activity, potentially due to increased monitoring, as well as the impact of #COVID19. (3/3)

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ISO: Reliable research - Reinfection rates.

This study seems to be the gold standard

Is there something more definitive out there? Anything, at all?


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The latest government #COVID19 ad is fear mongering on another level "don't bend the rules, if you bend the rules people will die" that's it put it all on us you guys have been great

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A voler pensare male, #Pfizer ferma le spedizioni dei #vaccini perché non fanno bene.
#COVID19 #operazionifinanziarie

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British Indian Survey Finds Reluctance in Community Towards COVID-19 Vaccines

#BritishIndians #Survey #COVID19 #Vaccine #Vaccination #Coronavirus #Pandemic #UnitedKingdom

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Paese proprio strano comunque il nostro quando sono arrivate quattro dosi per quanti milioni siamo c’erano i carabinieri davanti e dietro con sette macchine ora che le dosi non arrivano i carabinieri non si vedono boh! #COVID19 #vaccinoCovid #ao #ritardo #errori #attesa

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No se por qué razón me extraña que estemos como estamos viendo quien está al timón del barco... #COVID19 #INDECENTE #ASINO

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#ESG principles are yet to become mainstream for businesses in Ukraine🇺🇦, but @DTEK_en is leading the charge in the #energy utility sector. However, massive changes caused by #COVID place #Ukraine firmly on the path of #TheGreatReset.
#DavosAgenda @wef

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'Complete incompetence': Biden officials fume after Trump leaves them 'nonexistent' vaccine plan

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In Oklahoma news....
Picture from @LacieLowry

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🔴 ÚLTIMA HORA | La Comunidad de Madrid dice que cancela la vacunación de los sanitarios por falta de dosis

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@Michael_leipzig @TilmannKk @elkb @BistumEichst @mainfrankenkath @BistumReg @BistumBamberg Die bisherige „einfache“ Maskenpflicht wird zu einer FFP2-Maskenpflicht, sonst ändert sich in der Praxis für die evangelische und katholische Kirche nichts.

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With great regret, we must announce that this year’s Glastonbury Festival will not take place, and that this will be another enforced fallow year for us. Tickets for this year will roll over to next year. Full statement below and on our website. Michael & Emily

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We salute @WhiteHouse decision communicated by Dr. Tony Fauci to remain a @WHO member-state and collaboratively work to defeat #COVID19 and regain momentum towards achieving #SDG3, which includes ending #HIV and #TB epidemics by 2030.

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#BrújulaDigitalInforma| El directorio del Colegio Médico Departamental de La Paz informa que adquirió el remdesivir y que los afiliados a las cajas de salud pueden pasar a solicitarlo bajo receta médica.

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El consejero de Sanidad de Ceuta, Javier Guerrero, asegura que no dimitirá después de haberse vacunado saltándose el protocolo.

La explicación:

"Yo no quería vacunarme, pero mis técnicos me lo plantearon. No me gustan las vacunas”.

¿Puede haber una estrategia más torpe?

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BREAKING: U.S. sets single-day record with 4,131 new Covid-19 deaths on Wednesday, according to an NBC News tally.

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Comparitendo este video, aprovecho de dejar mi escupitajo a los medios, sobre todo a @redtv_prog por negarse a difundir este caso. #JusticiaParaCynthiaBalcázar

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