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.@NOAA and partners have developed a bold mission to restore seven ecologically and culturally significant coral reefs within @FloridaKeysNMS through Mission Iconic Reefs. Read more about this restoration initiative here! #OceanDecade #GenerationRestoration

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¿Cómo podemos aprovechar el poder de los paisajes para alcanzar las metas de #biodiversidad y #restauración? 🌱 Nuevo informe del GLF propone 7⃣ vías para que los responsables políticos cumplan estos objetivos.

📚 Disponible aquí:

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#GeneraciónRestauración #GenerationRestoration #CambioClimático #Climate #Biodiversity #Biodiversidad #Economy #Economía #Ecología #Ecology #Soluciones #Solutions


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Brilliant to see my former professor @ProfCallum speak at #coastalfutures21 about #oceanrecovery and how to rebuild #marinelife to (some of) its former glory. Thanks to all for a fantastic conference with lot's of thought-provoking and inspiring take-aways! #generationrestoration

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Wonderful lineup for the high level panel of
@doreenstabinsky @AChausson @NatureBasedSols @ConservationOrg @UrsDieterich @southpoleglobal #AdaptOurWorld & Rosa Morales @NBSPeru @MinamPeru
Follow live tweeting of the event on @Y4Nature
#generationrestoration #biodiversity

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The time for #oceanrecovery is now: As coral recovery successes around the world show mixed results, this new report is a useful tool to scale up progress by highlighting challenges and presenting best practices & recommendations @UNOceanDecade #GenerationRestoration

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Addressing Forestry and #Agroforestry in National Adaptation Plans - read this #IKI report by @FAO ➡️ #climatehangemitigation #GenerationRestoration

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I’ll be joining Young Leaders from around the world, bringing my wealth of knowledge & experience leading Africa-wide @AYICC campaigns under the @wef platform to shape needed actions for the 10 years effort to restore the natural world led by @FAO and @UNEP #GenerationRestoration

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Join in today from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for @forceblueteam and partners’ 4HOPE event! This online event celebrates and advocates for Florida’s Coral Reef via panels and presentations by @NOAAcoral @FLDEPNews @UMiamiRSMAS and more! #GenerationRestoration

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I am pleased to accept the invitation from into the @wef’s Global Youth Hub for the Ecosystem Restoration Agenda in support of the accelerated action during the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 #GenerationRestoration

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Letting you know about @ICRI_Coral_Reef and @UNEP
"Coral Reef Restoration as a Strategy to Improve Ecosystem Services: A Guide to Coral Restoration Methods".

A report on current methods, knowledge and recommendations.

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Коралловые рифы – одна из самых ценных эколого-экономических экосистем нашей планеты. Охватывая менее 0,1% мирового океана, они поддерживают более 25% морского биоразнообразия и жизнь до миллиарда человек.
#поколениевосстановления #GenerationRestoration

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📢🌐 La generación futura, representada por + de 20 organizaciones juveniles, se unió para construir un plan para restaurar la #biodiversidad y hacer que sus demandas sean escuchadas por los líderes mundiales.

✍️ ¡Suma tu voz!

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With the dawn of 2021, the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration has started! 🌳 Ecosystems are key for life on Earth, so taking care of them is taking care of the planet - and ourselves! 🌍 Let’s join forces to protect ecosystems! #GenerationRestoration

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Thanks to @JPrestonDiggles for a great introduction to our Handbooks - essential tools for creating #ClimateResilience and highlighting that #restoration is 🌟achievable & necessary🌟 #CoastalFutures21 #generationrestoration
Download here👉 📚 #NativeOyster

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Our 2nd #EbA info brief that focuses on biodiversity issues in Indian #drylands. Watch this space for other aspects of ecosystem based adaptation in the coming weeks. #GenerationRestoration #NatureBasedSolutions #ecosystembasedadaptation #sdgs #climateactionnow #ClimateEmergency

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Great that @SwissRe, world's largest 'insurer of insurers', focuses on #nature for #resilience.

Let's repair at least some of the damage done to our Planet in this @UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, to lower the risk for all of us.

#GenerationRestoration @andersen_inger

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On Day 3 of #CoastalFutures21 @saltmarshben is kicking off session on #Restoration & #Recovery: #NatureBasedSolutions, Benefits & Challenges.
👇With the decline of #Saltmarsh, #Oysters and #Seagrass in the UK...there is a lot of work to do 🌊🌱🦪 #GenerationRestoration

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For us to achieve the #biodiversity and restoration goals for 2030 and 2050, we need to harness the power of landscapes and start implementing the #OneHealth approach across all sectors.

Learn more:

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В 2014 году по всему миру коралловые рифы под влиянием потепления стали терять свой цвет. Процесс обесцвечивания начался в Тихом океане и быстро распространился в Индийском и Атлантическом океанах.

#GenerationRestoration @ICRI_Coral_Reef #радижизнинаЗемле #радиприроды

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@WOTRIndia & @TMG_thinktank release Info brief on Strengthening #biodiversity to Enhance Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA). This is the 2nd in a 6-part series of briefs from our Upscaling EbA to #climatechange in the Rainfed Regions of Maharashtra project.

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Our fragile #ecosystems are under threat. Swiss Re's index provides a data-driven foundation for understanding the economic risks of deteriorating biodiversity – because Mother Nature is worth protecting. #DavosAgenda #RaceToZero #GenerationRestoration

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For us to achieve the #biodiversity and restoration goals for 2030 and 2050, we need to harness the power of landscapes and start implementing the #OneHealth approach across all sectors.

Learn more:

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Transparency, transformative education, radical inclusion, transformative action: these demands are penned in an open letter by more than 20 youth organizations, urging global governments to act now.

via @IFSAdotnet #GenerationRestoration

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..monumental day ..grateful beyond measure🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿✨✨✨jan20/21’ #GenerationRestoration

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I'd put my money on #restore as word of the year. Would definitely like it to be 🌳 #Inauguration2021 #ParisAgreement #GenerationRestoration

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What Biden’s Presidency Could Mean for Architecture and the Built World | Architectural Digest :: #rural and #urban linkages in the Presidential inauguration speech #GenerationRestoration #UNDecade

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Encouraging results of coordinated efforts from #CaptiveBreeding to #HabitatProtection & #rewilding

Large wide-ranging #FlagshipSpecies have intrinsic value AND equally are invaluable for wider #biodiversity benefits they bring by restoring rich habitats


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Every announcement of a new #EcologicalCorridors rebuilding #ConservationConnectivity is a heartwarming triple win:

1. New habitat conserved
2. Two existing sites reconnected
3. Fragmentation & edges reduced

Great @MountHollyNews so who will be next?


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¿Cómo podemos aprovechar el poder de los paisajes ? 🌱🌎 Nuevo informe del @GlobalLF y @YIL_Initiative ofrece 7 vías para alcanzar los objetivos de #biodiversidad y las metas de #restauración.

📗 #Descarga el resumen en español:


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We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Doreen Stabinsky, Alexandre Chausson, Rosa Morales, Minnie Degawan and Urs Dieterich to our Senior Panel!

Register at or join us on Facebook live at 👉 🌿🌊

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In #Vermont, a 350-acre chunk of forest with high ecological significance has been protected. The state purchase of the parcel completes a conservation project that protects a 100-mile corridor for wildlife.

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🙏 #PositiveNews The wild European #bison population has grown from 1800 in 2003 to 6200+, moving them from Vulnerable to Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List. @WWF_Romania & @RewildingEurope are rewilding the bison in the Southern Carpathian Mountains.

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📢 ¡Último día para postular!

⭐️ Conviértete en embajador de redes sociales del GLF para #Latinoamerica, ayúdanos a difundir el mensaje y aprende siendo parte de una gran red juvenil presente en todo el🌎.

Conoce más ➡️


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📢Let your voice be heard!

Sign the letter from the youth of the world to demand transparency, transformative education, transformative action, and inclusion from global governments.💡

#GenerationRestoration @YIL_Initiative @GYBN_Colombia @GYBN_Kenya

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Up to 90% of coral reefs could be lost by 2050 - @IPCC_CH

A new @UNEP & @ICRI_Coral_Reef report outlines a strategy practitioners, managers and decision makers can use to protect coral reefs locally, regionally and globally.

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Ecosystem restoration should address societal challenges; work with people; and work with #nature.

Otherwise investments can go to waste or backfire. For more information on good restoration practices visit #GenerationRestoration

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Can coral reef #restoration save one of the most vulnerable ecosystems to #climatechange?


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🇺🇳 Mette Løyche Wilkie, @Eduardo52664121 and @TimChristo are going to change the world in these next 10 years!

🌱 #GenerationRestoration sounds awesome! Let's build that restoration culture.


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These 7️⃣recommendations for global policymakers provide pathways to harness the power of nature and restore #biodiversity.

📑 GLF #Biodiversity policy report:
#GenerationRestoration @IUFRO @nlenvironagency @Earth_Uprising

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