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Our founder @DigitalGodess was interviewed on Your Money about the .@goWanderSafe Beacon and employer Duty of Care - are you doing all you can to keep your remote working staff safe? #safertogether #globalgoals

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The #GlobalGoals are our shared vision and collective responsibility to build a peaceful and sustainable world. Every country must raise its ambition to achieve the #GlobalGoals !

Let’s make this a the Decade of Action!


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@JoshuaPotash Nelson Mandela said
"it always seems impossible until it's done"

In 2015 the UN negotiated 17 UN #GlobalGoals to advance human rights & protect the planet

📽️From @TheGlobalGoals
(inspirational 35 minute video)

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@SharonBlueWave @ProjectLincoln
We know what they stood for
So we can help build the antidote
In 2015 world leaders agreed to 17 UN #GlobalGoals to make the world a better place by 2030.
We've got 4 years to catch up on

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Pakronics is proudly supporting this competition in Australia. Come and help us SAVE THE PLANET. For registrations and inspiration visit: #microbit #GlobalGoals #Australia #savetheplanet
@microbit_edu @TheWorldsLesson @Pakronics @BritishCouncil @UNICEF

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Are you interested in joining the World Hope team? We have several full-time positions available! Visit our website to learn more: #GlobalGoals

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Congratulations to President Whipps & VP Senior on your inauguration! #Taiwan🇹🇼 & #Palau🇵🇼 are forces for good and will continue to cooperate closely on advancing UN #GlobalGoals as well as promote peace, security, and inclusive prosperity across the Indo-Pacific. @MOFA_Taiwan

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A circular economy could help the world recover financially from COVID-19.
#circulareconomy #Sustainability #Environment #globalgoals #SDGs #Covid_19 #covid19

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Loving taking part in #GGATakeAction - a daily action challenge towards achieving the Global Goals. Head to the @GlobalGoalsAus website to sign-up and join me in being more sustainable in 2021. It’s not too late to start now!
#GlobalGoals #SDGs #ConsciousLiving

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We're looking forward to continuing to work with and learn from you and partners in 2021, @GlobalWA!

#globalhealth #globalcommunity #partnerships #SDGs #globalgoals

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How science can put the Sustainable Development Goals back on track #sdgs #globalgoals

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... tanto que hacer... pero falta creatividad y sobre todo voluntad para querer solucionar los asuntos.

Urge dar a conocer la #Agenda2030 #GlobalGoals

Quedan 9 años, los 5-6 pasados se avanzó poco y ese poco se diluyó porque no muchos la conocen.

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@TheGlobalGoals An effective partnership underscores a good enabling environment. I am a passionate Environmentalist from Nigeria 🇳🇬 and I intend to partner in the grass root and high level to help create an exponential success in the realization of #GlobalGoals . Thanks

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Saudi team 🇸🇦 among 2850 teams around the world participating and joining for the #GoalsProject #GlobalGoals @SDG2030 @SDGoals. Gratitude to @JenWilliamsEdu @MehwishKareem
And We are ready! 😍

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That cloud look like a bird? or I’m trippin😍😍🦅 #GlobalGoals #SkyGaze

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Only Go After The Very Best Of Things.” 🌎🌍🌏 #DesignsByCity #GlobalGoals #WealthCreation #BusinessGoals

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#ListenNow to #COVID19 #stories on #Unity and #Hope on #PlanetClassroom’s #Inaugural #Podcast w/ #Youth and @SteGiannini #edutainment #globalgoals #SDG’s @goproject @BardCMusic @brandartica @VoiceAmericaTRN

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@BernieSanders #CannabisCommunity is minimum wage so raise it to $15/hr @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris hook #rabbit up with a government contract and I will get 10 million people hired if the government pays them as federal workers...grow, assembly, sell & ship for govt😎
#medicine #GlobalGoals

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This might be our favorite newsletter of the year: a look back at our 2020 issue campaigns, and a look forward to what we plan to cover in 2021. Check it out. #SDGs #GlobalGoals

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History will remember when US @VP @KamalaHarris became the first Black, South Asian woman to ever hold the office.

Proud to stand with @GirlUp and celebrate this win for girls and women everywhere. #TodayWeRise #Goal5 #SDG5 #GlobalGoals #HERstory

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Introducing: the UN @globalcompact Strategy 2021-2023.

Our new strategy spells out our ambition to accelerate and scale the collective impact of business by upholding the #TenPrinciples and delivering the #GlobalGoals. Learn how we are #UnitingBusiness:

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Introducing: the UN @globalcompact Strategy 2021-2023!

We believe in the collective impact of business in delivering the #GlobalGoals. And we've developed our Strategy to accelerate and scale this impact, through the #TenPrinciples.

Learn all about it!

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The #OceanDecade will generate the data, ℹ️ information & knowledge💡 needed for more robust science-informed policies & stronger 📚science-policy interfaces at 🌎global, regional, national & even local levels.
#SDG14 #GlobalGoals #Ocean #ClimateAction


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Amazing paper and study on how we can curb our unsustainable agricultural practices to avoid catastrophic habitat loss— really impressed by the granularity of these geographical models! #FoodSystems #GlobalGoals@FoodSystems⁩ ⁦@nature

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We are looking to work with schools to support the #GlobalGoals using #STEMeducation

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Missed one of our #webinars? We've got you covered!

Most of our #virtual programs are recorded and posted on our website.

▶️Access the video archive here:

#SDGs #GlobalGoals #events #UnitedNations #climateaction #humanrights

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@RepGregSteube or - we creatively incorporate job creation with a global community mindset. It really is how you work your frame of mind. #GlobalGoals

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The @GlobalCompactNG is one of 69 @globalcompact Local Networks around the world, working to advance the #TenPrinciples and the #GlobalGoals.

Follow and/or join the Network, to access free sustainability training and support, and get involved:

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Trop de choses gentilles aujourd'hui sur #SDGsChampions, vraiment pas méritées
C'est #Nous #Vous qui participez à faire du bruit et l'écho pour le #MondeQueNousVoulons2030 #GlobalGoals ☺️🏆🌐
Alors, on continue ts ensemble ?!🪘😃
cc: @AdamRogers2030

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Yes! 🤩 Can't wait to join you @betulp80 and your students to explore, learn, and take action on the #GlobalGoals! #GoalsProject @TakeActionEdu

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This is an incredible example of a teenager with social good innovation skills who is building a better world, exactly the kind of outcomes we're seeking with the Pactful program. #GlobalGoals #SDGs #DesignThinking

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Today, more than 50% of the world’s population live in cities 🏙️

Future #FoodSystems need to reconcile urban living with sustainable supply chains – whether via urban farming or better links to farmers – to achieve #SDG11 and the #GlobalGoals.

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#Youth discuss #Unity and #Hope and #TheFutureWeWant on #PlanetClassroom’s #Inaugural #Podcast #ListenNow #Music #lifelonglearning #globalgoals @brandartica
@VoiceAmericaTRN @XtalksOrg @IFLAC_Intl

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Who will you partner with this year to achieve the #GlobalGoals? Let us know in the comments.

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Don't miss tomorrow's Fire Drill Friday as we call on President Joe Biden to use his executive powers to stop subsidizing and green-lighting coal, oil, and gas extraction with guest @LeahStokes!


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The countdown to the #GoalsProject is on! Looking forward to joining with nearly 3,000 global classrooms from January 25 - March 4 to take action on the #GlobalGoals. Following our progress or join in at . @TakeActionEdu @siegmundIT

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On his first day in office, President Biden retracted a decision by the Trump administration to withdraw from the World Health Organization. Dr. Anthony Fauci will lead the U.S. delegation.

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17 #GlobalGoals
1-No Poverty
2-No Hunger
5-Gender Equality
6-Water& sanitation
7-Clean energy
10-Reduced inequality
12-Reduce Consumption

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