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Obsessed with the new clothes from #HUGOxLiamPayne collection 🥰

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📸 25.11 • Estilos que regresan: compra nuestra playera unisex con logo #HUGOxLiamPayne y apoya el trabajo de @cottonmadeinafrica" HUGO vía instagram. 🌿❤️

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#Info | Si vous voulez acheter une pièce de la nouvelle capsule #HUGOxLiamPayne . Allez plus sur le site. Avec la pandémie, les magasins @HUGOBOSS n'ont pas forcément reçu les articles

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wake up to the BEST shipment form the kindest and best human i’ve met @xLorixLullabyx , can’t thank you enough for who you’re for me🥺
I’m so so so happy to get my #hugoxliampayne item, love the fabric and the details!
@LiamPayne congrats, can’t wait to fit this on my outfits🖤

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Present for my boyfriend 😇 #hugoxliampayne

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Liam Payne | 29.11.2020

Look at this art on IG: tommoartx

@LiamPayne #hugoxliampayne #liampayne #liampayneart

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you're mine, you're all mine 💖

#lovelyliamstans #HUGOxLiamPayne

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Maria Astor (IG/masha) on how Cotton Made in Africa "helps local farmers to build an infrastructure that will last for generations". #HUGOxLiamPayne

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📲 | A @HUGOBOSS postou várias enquetes no Instagram relacionadas à coleção #HUGOxLiamPayne do @LiamPayne!

Corram lá para responder!

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#INFO | @HUGOBOSS via leur story Instagram. (28.11) #HUGOxLiamPayne

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Well last week I got bored and I decided to make a drawing for the new #HUGOxLiamPayne capsule so enjoy this little digital art ✨

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i’m love with @HUGOBOSS’s IG feed, thank you for always having Liam’s back and giving him the chance to express his creativity #HUGOxLiamPayne

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See all the looks from third #HUGOXLiamPayne collaboration

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My t-shirt of #HUGOxLiamPayne is here and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. Congrats @LiamPayne & @HUGOBOSS ❤️

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Hiii @LiamPayne, mixing it up today with Collection 2 pants & Collection 3 sweater! So comfy! ❤❤❤❤❤ #HUGOxLiamPayne xxx

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"Feels proper to be flexing a cotton crafted in Africa, not only sustainable to the environment but also the economy and society", Jordan Hames (IG/jxrdanhames) via his IG #HUGOxLiamPayne

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tengo que hacer un banner como actividad, haré para #HUGOxLiamPayne xd

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🎥 : L’influenceuse russe Masha a fait plusieurs stories instagram (en voici une sur toutes celle qu’elle a fait 👇🏼) en faisant la promo de la nouvelle collection #HUGOxLiamPayne et en expliquant qui est @LiamPayne.

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someone gift me #HUGOxLiamPayne hoodie 😭😭😭

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Imagínate ver a @LiamPayne caminando hacia a ti y te regala una caja. Adentro hay una prenda de la nueva colección #HUGOxLiamPayne ¿Cuál te tocó? 😯
Gira la ruleta para saber👇🏼

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Algunas artistas y activistas usando y comentando sobre la nueva colección de #HUGOxLiamPayne

"El algodón se cultiva de manera sostenible sin semillas modificadas genéticamente y sin deforestación, apoyando a los productores de algodón africanos y a sus familias"
- Kicki Yang

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📸 24.11 • "Juntos, estamos creando un futuro más sostenible. Descubre nuestra última cápsula de colaboración con @liampayne" HUGO vía instagram.

#HUGOxLiamPayne 🌿❤️

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📸 23.11 • "Diseños con significado: estilos más sostenibles con nuevas flechas inspiradas en el bosque #HUGOxLiamPayne" HUGO vía instagram con fotos de Marina Testino (activista). 🌿❤️

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📸 21.11 • "Nuestra última colaboración con @liampayne lleva la sostenibilidad en su corazón. #HUGOxLiamPayne #HUGOcleanup" HUGO vía instagram. 🌿❤️

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Más fotos de Liam para la nueva campaña de la colección #HUGOxLiamPayne 💜💜

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📲|| Masha Novoselova, modelo rusa, ha recomendado la nueva colección #HUGOxLiamPayne y ha explicado quien es @LiamPayne con un video

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📸 IG | Maria Astor sobre #HUGOxLiamPayne recientemente

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My Hugo liam collection arrived at my dads today but it’s Christmas present so I have to wait a month 😭😂 #HUGOxLiamPayne

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📲 IG Stories | namastehannah hablando sobre esta última colección #HUGOxLiamPayne

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