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@joehaden23 @JamesConner_ Praying for him too! I’m just recovering from covid (no smell/taste only symptoms) and I ain’t the #Superman he is so I’m sure he’ll be good! ✊🏼🤙🏼🙏🏼❤️ much love! #HereWeGo

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As long as the game proceeds as scheduled @benny_snell will eat! #BBN #HereWeGo

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The #Steelers have been virtual since Wednesday, correct?

So Buggs, Hawkins, Tuitt, Conner (confirmed), Smith (confirmed), Canada (confirmed)

Should be the only ones exposed/have COVID, meaning those not confirmed could play Tuesday, barring no more + tests

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New episode is live! Will the Ravens make the playoffs? Can the Browns keep their playoff spot? And are the Chiefs the team to beat in the AFC? #browns #RavensFlock #ChiefsKingdom #HereWeGo #nfl #FantasyFootball #SteelersNation

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@jorgetinajeroe ¿Por qué no mueven el partido ? 🤬 como no es #Herewego o #RavensFlock o #Titans , equipos más mediáticos 😒.

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For those @Ravens fans, posting awful and disgusting comments about the latest #Steelers situation. 👂🏻 Hear me out:
James Conner is a cancer survivor, despite he’s considered high risk he is also a warrior + a fighter.
Sending all the 🖤💛 and healing vibes to him. #HereWeGo

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No man 😭😭✊🏾 SAVAGE #HereWeGo

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ANY mention of Tim Tebow will result in LETHAL FORCE! The most disgraceful loss in Steelers history, and the day I decided to run for President. Now, our franchise is GREAT AGAIN! Thanks Trump! #HereWeGo

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With the #COVID19 madness involving the @Ravens and @steelers, and now the @Broncos, combined with @49ers' county closing contact sports, etc...
Do you still see the @NFL completing its 2020 regular season?
#NFL #NFLTwitter #NFLNews #RavensFlock #HereWeGo #BroncosCountry #Niners

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@RosefrmStOlaf They defense is not better than ours period #HereWeGo

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New season same bet, who’s ever team has the best NFL record by the end of the season gets a new jersey. Looking pretty solid 🔥
#HereWeGo 10-0
#FinsUp 6-4
#RaiderNation 6-4
#BroncosCountry 4-6
#RiseUpATL 3-7
#FlyEaglesFly 3-6-1

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#Steelers QB coach Matt Canada has indeed tested #COVID positive, but I’m told by multiple sources that QB Ben Roethlisberger was not deemed a close contact who needs to self isolate. Roethlisberger already went thru this once after sitting on the plane next to a Covid+ teammate.

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@steelcitystar @KSlash10 #HereWeGo man to this day I think @KSlash10 should have been even better than he was what a talent !!!!! SLASH !!!!!

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Love the Frenchman!!! #HereWeGo

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@AKinkhabwala Will the #RavensFlock #HereWeGo game be played Tuesday, if not at all?

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Living his best life.

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@JohnFetterman Yes . He's definitely not a Steeler Nation fan
#HereWeGo We know how to get things done.

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Do you believe the #Steelers vs #Ravens game will actually happen on Tuesday? #HereWeGo #RavensFlock

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@TerribleGirl3 @nflgirlsmx Mala noticia, en fin Steelers trae un buen equipo para dar pelea a cualquier equipo de la liga. #HereWeGo

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Time to break out the seasonally festive #Steelers leggings! #HoHoHo #HereWeGo

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🙏🏽 Prayers up @JamesConner_ #herewego

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Holla if your NFL #HereWeGo and NCAA #RollTide are 18-0

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Hi @FabrizioRomano
Waiting for your #HereWeGo updates on the January transfer window. Cheers

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I knew we’d lose the Iron Bowl. I’m much more invested in my @steelers this season. 10-0 and it feels so good. #HereWeGo

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Cancel the season and Steelers get the Lombardi #HereWeGo 😂

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To recap: it’s been a wild Saturday as it pertains to the #NFL

#RavensFlock #HereWeGo #OnePride #FTTB #BroncosCountry

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If the President’s campaign doesn’t stop losing, the Cleveland Browns are gonna sue for trademark infringement.

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Ravens vs Steelers #HereWeGo

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Let’s hope it actually happens #HereWeGo

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Hey @nflcommish @NFL how come only the #RavensFlock v #Steelers #HereWeGo game is being rescheduled? How bout the #BroncosCountry v #Saints ? How bout postponing all the week 12? How bout an 18th week? No? Nothing? Just screw Pittsburgh fans for the sake of Baltimore or what?

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Será la semana de #NFL más bizarra de la historia

Entre #HereWeGo y #RavensFlock hay 18 infectados de coronavirus

Los #FTTB no tienen en dónde disputar su partido debido al brote masivo de infectados en Santa Clara

Los #BroncosCountry se quedaron sin QB's debido al COVID-19

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@LionCuban @jeolmoz2 @collazophilly @GregCowboys @Montejp231 @Mossimo77 @Realmommabear @lori_stella75 @MaureennKelly @emscharf @5280Keith @rudedogreyes @ArdelioValdes @IsVatIs Bad news for #HereWeGo 😞

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Amigos me han preguntado como veo el siguiente partido de los @steelers vs @Ravens, sin duda les digo que es un partido muy difícil ya sea que juegue o no el QB de los cuervos, sin duda creo yo que los ganarán los acereros gracias a su gran defensa!!!

#HereWeGo #Steelers

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To sum up this Saturday:

Ravens' Reserve/COVID list grew to 18 players.

Lions did a housecleaning.

The 49ers have no place to play.

And the Broncos have no quarterbacks.

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Amad Diallo Traoré coming on right now for last 15 mins during Atalanta-Verona, @seriea match tonight. He’s expected to fly to Manchester in one month to join Manchester Utd. 🔴 #mufc

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about to text bob quinn see if he straight. 😂

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This one hurts my heart. Every player took a risk competing this season but James at a higher risk still chose to show up for his team. Prayers up 🙏🏼 #steelers #herewego

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James Conner is the #Steelers player who tested positive for #COVID, multiple sources tell me. He is awaiting a second test tomorrow to confirm these results. Contact tracing continues. And as w/ every positive case in the #NFL and country... here’s to recoveries and good health.

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We've got your Tuesday Night plans 💪

@Ravens. @steelers. NBC.

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