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@marwilliamson Yes, yes and yes. Food Banks are critical too. Donating & volunteering to your local #foodbanks are a way to ensure your community is being served.
#foodbankchallenge #HungerFreeFuture #serve

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This shouldn't happen here. #HungerFreeFuture

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Had a lovely Donation towards #OperationFoodBank 🍱@Ldn_Ambulance from @Recolight @nigeldharvey Thank you so much 🙏🏼 My car is full of food, I Just need to arrange food into parcels & then drop off to the food banks #FoodBank #HungerFreeFuture #ThankYou #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY 🙏🏼

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Today is a day of rest (for the most part) for me. The Covid test was negative, thank goodness, so it's just a usual kidney infection.

The food we made was mostly from our garden or local farms, as was what Mom made. We made up more for friends all alone today, too.

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May God cure the world hunger problem..

That feeling of been hungry and not having the means to overcome it,is just a bullshit feeling.

May We be given the means to help the poor and the oppressed.

#HungerFreeFuture ... it can start with You and I

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The story of America today is a tale of two lines: a surging stock market, and the line-ups at food banks. I’m the richest country on the world, tens of millions of Americans are going hungry in the midst of Covid 

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Food banks have given out more than a million food parcels this year – and as Christmas approaches, need is continuing to rise. We need your help. Sign up now for a #HungerFreeFuture >

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We need help with the list of items for our Christmas 2020 Hampers, to support as many struggling people as possible across Cheshire. #HereForYou #CareInTheCommunity #CommunitySpirit #Support #Cheshire #FamilyMeals #HungerFreeFuture

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How far can your money go?

Here's a look at what difference your donations make.



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By the end of 2020, #1in6Americans & #1in4Children will experience food insecurity, says the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. #26Nov2020

#Thanksgiving #Truthsgiving #16DaysOfActivism #Hunger #20DaysOfKindness

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We’re doing our bit to help @TrussellTrust by donating 5% of all Pay-as-Hugo sales to fight for a #HungerFreeFuture. #Foodbanks

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This winter food banks are expecting to give out a food parcel every 9 seconds.
Support the Trussell Trust and their #HungerFreeFuture campaign.
Text NEWRIVERDONATE to 70085 to donate £5
Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message.

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🤩 WOW 🤩

What a start to the day!!

Thank you to the £200 anonymous donor to our Just Giving page this morning.

Nearly at the half way point of out target 🥳

Please follow the link to donate what you can 🙏


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Find a link below to join the @TrussellTrust’s campaign for a #HungerFreeFuture.

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Some people in India are so poor that they even do not have enough money to get by.

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The only thing that has a REAL impact on everything in the world, environment, health, violence, hunger: is veganism. We have to go to vegan! #savetheplanet #Vegan #Health #savetheplanet #HungerFreeFuture #climatechange #environment #Violence #SaveTheEarth #animalsrights #animals

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Thankful for all who donated to hunger relief & those tireless volunteers who get food distributed #donate

#WeThePeople #MusicIsUnstoppable #workers #HungerFreeFuture #CommunityHeroes @ArtThatFeeds

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People dying of COVID-19. And soon people dying for lack of money for food. To all politicians Happy Thanksgiving knowing you’ll be fed. Enjoy knowing people will go hungry. Stimulus Now! @FeedingAmerica @POTUS #FeedOurNeighbors @VP #HungerFreeFuture

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@JohnGer24430535 Definitely an issue worth our attention !! #KindnessMatters #HungerFreeFuture

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This Christmas, many families will struggle to afford the basics like food. Join me and sign here for a #HungerFreeFuture
Find a Food Bank - The Trussell Trust

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لوگ کہتے ہیں زمانے میں محبت کم ہے
یہ اگر سچ ہے تو اس میں حقیقت کم ہے

چند لوگوں نے اگر محل بنا رکھے ہیں
اس کا مطلب نہیں کہ شہر میں غربت کم ہے

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#brexit #HungerFreeFuture #syria #AidBudget May God move all our hearts to move from #greed #lies #CorruptionIsCorruption #megalomania and make sure everyone has enough to eat every day.

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On today's blog: For millions across the planet, hunger poses a greater threat than COVID-19. How can we prevent this and other pandemics from becoming our new norm?

#HungerFreeFuture #pandemic #covid19 #SDGs #NewNormal #blog #socialimpact #climatechange

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A British woman stuck in Syria, dividing one apple five-ways between her family.

This is the reality for women & children languishing in camps across #Syria.

Powerful testimony from our team on the ground in this must-read from @A_Lyod_Times @thetimes

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Do you think hungry “prepole” care about stock market 📈 gains @GOPSenate @realDonaldTrump #HungerFreeFuture

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Did you know that with just a tap on your mobile device from anywhere around the world, a needy child can receive food?H

Simply download the ”GIVE A MEAL” app on the Google play store or Apple app store to get started today! #EndChildPovertyNow #humanitarian

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“26 million now say they don’t have enough to eat, as the pandemic worsens and holidays near"

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Here's why current Universal Credit design means people are being driven into debt, just when support is most needed ': #HungerFreeFuture @TrussellTrust @BorisJohnson @DWP

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Feed your neighbor, feed your soul. We’re offering free meals and hope to 100,000 hungry families this holiday season. Join us. #LetsFeedLACounty #HereForTheHolidays

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“No end in sight”: Hunger surges in America amid a spiraling pandemic - The Guardian
#MoscowMitchMcTraitor needs to stop confirming judges and feed the starving electorate #HungerFreeFuture

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One in 8 Americans are going hungry @senatemajldr
while you gorge in luxury. Pass the Covid aid bill! #MeanMitch #HungerFreeFuture #CovidChristmas

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Calling on the government to make welfare payments available when people need them most. Join the campaign for a #HungerFreeFuture @TrussellTrust

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S5/6 @MSMonifieth pupils setting up partnership with @TrussellTrust to help set up @MonifiethHigh food bank alongside @MHS_English #community #HungerFreeFuture

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(2) Hunger Free America Virtual Press Conference: How the Government Can Lift Families Out of Poverty & Hunger - 2:00pm
Register here:
#hungerfreeamerica #HungerFreeFuture #foodinsecurity #HappeningNow

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Waiting with bated breath for an #AgSec pick from President @JoeBiden; one who understands #Hunger, ensures a #HungerFreeFuture in #K12; stops #USDA from #HHFKA rollbacks in #SchoolLunch.
More: by @fractweets

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TC taunted on Twitter with a Turkey cartoon “come and get it”. So arrogant and insensitive as people line up for food pantries. #cruelTedCruz #COVID19 #HungerFreeFuture

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The #AvonUK toiletries obtained through your generosity were delivered today to the @TrussellTrust in #LeamingtonSpa for their #foodbanks

Thank you all once again #generous #charity #children #help #nonprofit #donate #fundraising #HungerFreeFuture

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We're deeply disappointed that the Gov hasn't offered any hope to people on the lowest income who depend on #UniversalCredit. Its' not too late. Please join @TrussellTrust campaign for a #HungerFreeFuture

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The Chancellor said 'the economic emergency has only just begun' - but today we didn't see enough from him to help people hardest hit. His #SpendingReview failed to address the £20 rise to #UniversalCredit, due to end in April. Join our campaign for change

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The suffering we’re seeing out there is shocking and dispiriting. And if Georgia doesn’t go the Democrats’ way, help likely won’t be coming at all. Don’t think for a second that Mitch, Marco, Ted and the other GOPers give a damn how many go hungry. They’re warm, fat and happy.

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With hunger and poverty soaring across America, countless families will struggle to put food on the table this Thanksgiving.

Our hunger crisis is a moral and policy failure – addressing it should never be a partisan issue.

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Pursuing a career in the trades? The DEWALT Trades Scholarship could help you pay for your degree at a two-year college or vocational-technical school. Apply now and start building your future.

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This Christmas, let’s unwrap a different future – one where everyone can afford the essentials. Donate today for a #HungerFreeFuture

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