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@crooksandliars Holy fuck, this should be a crime #LockHimUp

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@RBReich We should shun him and everyone on his administration.... those who don’t go to prison, that is. We have to lock up the criminals or we will go through this chaos again and again. #LockHimUp #LockHimUp #LocktThemALLUp

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@LindseyGrahamSC @Perduesenate @KLoeffler @realDonaldTrump Stay in your lane, cheater.
Typical GOP, let's change the rules because we lost. Bye, Lady Lindsey. Hoping there's a recording of you suggesting ballots be destroyed of Black Georgians. #lockhimup

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Collective punishment for all #Tigrayans?

The international community should understand that when we demand for ceasefire/ negotiations, it isn’t due to our love to #TPLF. It’s only because millions are languishing in #CivilWar including my beloved families. #Ethiopia

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#Traitor @realDonaldTrump is burning everything down on the way out.

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@realDonaldTrump Wow. Whoever has started tweeting for you writes very well. #lockhimup

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@MSNBC Someone will take care of his future after Jan 20, 2021. He is a criminal @realDonaldTrump #LockHimUp

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Seriously!!! Between this, removing our troops against experts advice..and killing over 250,000 Americans and counting...@realDonaldTrump is an enemy to the people and must be charged & tried for crimes against humanity!!! It was never #AmericaFirst with him!!! #LockHimUp

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@realDonaldTrump You don't have to concede. I hope they have to drag you out.
#loser #LoserInChief #LockHimUp

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@mmpadellan This made me spit out my coffee. Keep preaching the truth, Brother! Thanks for the laugh. #TrumpIsPathetic #LockHimUp

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@realDonaldTrump It's time for a new hashtag right now.


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@realDonaldTrump #Trump is the #LoserInChief #LiarInChief #LockHimUp #WEAK You’re going to JAIL. #Karma

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@RBReich With a fkn Crimes Commission lead by @RepSwalwell

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@realDonaldTrump true you are a loser now get out #LockHimUp

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@IngrahamAngle Trump will be going to jail..!! #LockHimUp #25thAmendmentNow #BananaRepublicans #BoycottFoxNews #BunkerBoyTrump #FoxNewsIsDeadToMe #FoxNewsEnemyOfThePeople #TrumpTheFool #ConcedeNowTrump #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison #TrumpIsAMassMurderer

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@realDonaldTrump Can he already be brought to justice or do we need to wait for January 21. #YourDoneDon #LockHimUp #ByeByeTrump #Finally

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@mtgreenee @realDonaldTrump Presidents can’t pardon themselves for New York State crimes. I ❤️ NY #SDNY #LockHimUp

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Revealed,Republican Looting: Trump officials rush to mine #AZ #OakFlat desert haven native tribes consider holy

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He's a fucking idiot

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Trump accuses Democrats of voter fraud, yet HE’S the one committing voter fraud. I’m pretty sure this is illegal.

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@RBReich Why "possible" prosecutions.

It's time justice was served.


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A dark money mystery in Florida centers on the campaign of a spoiler candidate who appeared to help a Republican win by 32 votes

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Poll: 47 percent of voters support Donald Trump running for president in 2024

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A friendly reminder from your future Manhattan DA: Presidents can’t pardon themselves for New York State crimes.

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Is anyone else watching @maddow? WTF? Trump is pulling us out of the Open Skies treaty AND destroying the planes so Biden can't rejoin the treaty? This is open sabotage of our national security by Trump on the way out!

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"In a move that could complicate President-elect Joe Biden’s options if he sought to re-enter the agreement, the Trump administration is taking steps to dispose of the two specially equipped OC-135B planes the US has used to carry out Open Skies flights."

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Hey FAKE NEWS look what the Senate found 💥
Have a 👀 ‼️

REPORT the story‼️👇

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Complicating Biden's options, the Trump administration is designating Open Skies aircraft "excess defense articles" and will "liquidate" the planes after leaving the treaty today.

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🤔 #TrumpIsPathetic

“But let’s see what a loser looks like ...”

— Donald J Trump, “A Complete Loser”


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