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As a Lions fan I don't care what happens in Dan Campbell's era the first few years. As long as the team shows progress each year.

6 wins 8 wins 9 wins 11 wins 13 win and maybe a playoff win I'm cool with that.

#OnePride 🦁

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It’s official! Welcome Coach! #OnePride

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Here are a few possibilities on who new #Lions HC Dan Campbell may bring in as offensive coordinator. #OnePride

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The combo of the front office and the HC is a sea change that we all should welcome #onepride

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@JoeBiden Yep Dan Campbell about to bring back the @lions ! #OnePride

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UK Lions fans do your thing and represent!😎👏🏼🦁 #OnePride

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“We’re going to put Motown back on the map” #OnePride

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So the GM gets a 5 year deal and the Head Coach gets 6?? Not sure that makes sense, but I’m also not a big fan of entering a new opportunity thinking too hard about how to get out when it goes bad. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️. Either way, LFG #OnePride

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Dan Campbell is officially the #Lions next head coach. When the news broke, the guys hopped on @lockerroomapp and gave their initial thoughts. Here’s a clip, full chat will be on the next #podcast. Take a listen and hit us up w/your thoughts! #OnePride #NFL #NFCNorth #Detroit 🏈

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What do former players Dan Campbell and Aaron Glenn bring to the Detroit Lions? @NateHimselfish offers some insight. #OnePride #Detroit #Lions #NFLTwitter #NFL #FootballTwitter #Football

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"We are going to put Motown back on the map"

Love the energy I've initially seen from Holmes and Campbell. Who knows what this combination is capable of. I just know I'm looking forward to finding out! GO LIONS!


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Coming up this week on the pod:

- Lions hire Dan Campbell- reaction
- MLB FA update
- The J-Man breaks down the matchups for the conference title games and gives you his prediction

#TheJMan #JManSports #NFL #OnePride #Lions #MLB

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@WFTeamer @RapSheet Mayhew did draft him! But no, you can't have him #OnePride

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All things considered I think pound for pound Dan Campbell could win a fight vs any other NFL HC. Vrabel being the only real challenge.

#nfl #DetroitLions #OnePride

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Could The Lions Make A Trade For Odell Beckham Jr.? #Browns #ClevelandBrowns #Cleveland #OnePride #DetroitLions #Detroit #Lions #NFL #NFLTwitter #OdellBeckhamJr

Read More-

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If Brad Holmes was telling the truth about working on making the Lions competitive this year and every year. That's not rebuild mentality. Which means he will re-sign and retain the players he feels will do that and build on that through the draft. In my opinion. #OnePride

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I certainly hope so 🙏

If any case, Campbell can't be any worse than Matt Patricia. #OnePride

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Dan Campbell will become the Detroit Lions Team New Head Coach.. Coach Campbell brings 22 years of NFL experience to the Detroit Lions Organization
#detroit #michigan #fordfield #grandrapids #windsor #NFL

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@SportsCenter @JFowlerESPN Detroit is so quick to find a coach they can maybe go 7-9 with. Can’t wait for his termination after 3 years #OnePride

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Welcome to Detroit, Dan!! #OnePride

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@Lions Hope that’s true Dan but I’ll believe it when I see it. #onepride

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@DumasMike Wow nobody would offer 3 picks in any round for a bum! He's got the heart of a @Lions and he deserves us to stand behind him! #9 #Onepride

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Hockenson posts season highs in catches (9) and yards (122) in week 7. 💪💪

First to practice ✅
Last to leave ✅
Hard Work Pays Off ‼️‼️

#AMGSeason1 #OnePride

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@Lions Respect to Coach Campbell for using a blue ink Pilot G-2 to sign his contract. I could spot that pen from a mile away. This guy means business #OnePride

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I admit, I was fired up for Patricia, but the first time I heard his voice I thought, “why does that big burly man sound like a mouse?” First time hearing Dan Campbell speak and I am thoroughly impressed with the deep richness and tenor of his voice. #onepride

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@Lions Welcome to #OnePride Coach!

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@Lions Welcome to the Motor City, Dan! Let’s go!!!
#OnePride 🦁💙🤍

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Let’s get it, I’m tryna buy playoff tickets soon #OnePride

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Wait, did the Lions just hire a younger Rod Marinelli with a much larger jaw? #OnePride

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New #Lions HC Dan Campbell: “We're going to put Motown back on the map."

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Dan Campbell's ready to get going❗️

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Welcome Dan Campbell❗️



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Where’s my U.K. Detroit Lions fans? RT to share so I can find them (Doing this for every team so scroll through my profile to find yours!)

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