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@CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 Michael Freilich is in orbit 🚀

Next step:➡️during the #EUSpaceWeek its 1⃣st data will be presented to the media & to the world

📢 Join us for the press conference 📢

📅: 10 December 2020 ⏰: 9:00-10:00 CET

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#Sentinel6 European / US satellite, critical to the understanding of climate change, was successfully launched last month. It will measure the shape of the world's oceans and track not only sea-level rise but reveal how the great mass of waters is moving around the globe.

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Save the Date! 🇪🇺🚀 #EUSpaceWeek starts on Monday!

On December 10 there will be a press conference where the first images generated thanks to #Sentinel6 will be presented to the media!

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This will be the first data on show from @ESA_EO @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 - looking forward to a splendid set of early performance confirmations!

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Don't forget: #EUSpaceWeek starts on Monday. Register for your chance to hear from experts within the industry during the week-long event. Also, don't miss out! On 10 December at 9:00 CET, we'll see the first data from #Sentinel6 Michael Freilich! Join at:

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A meno di un mese dal lancio, il 10 dicembre alle 09:00 su #EUSpaceWeek diamo uno sguardo ai primi dati sugli oceani da @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 - Per partecipare occorre registarsi nella pagina @ESA_EO

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After less than a month from liftoff, it's time to see @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 Michael Freilich's first data on our oceans!

📅When: 10 December at 9:00 CET (8:00 GMT)
🗺️Where: #EUSpaceWeek

To attend the virtual event please register at

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.@CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 #MichaelFreilich satellite was successfully launched 🚀🛰 on 21 November.
#EUSpace becomes the worldwide reference for altimetry missions.
A key tool for #EUGreenDeal objectives is in orbit!
Good example of 🇪🇺-🇺🇸cooperation

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#LevelsByTheSea #SeeingTheSeas
#Sentinel6 #MichaelFreilich

Mar de Outono dos @xutosepontapes
#XutosEPontapés com #ZePedro

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Could’ve used that on the way to @SpaceX #Sentinel6 launch! Poor #Bambi

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Tesla #Autopilot avoids a deer at night on dirt road #FSDBeta :

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Satélite de vigilancia oceánica 🛰 @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 supervisará el aumento del nivel del mar a nivel mundial 🌊📈

¡Conoce al miembro nuevo miembro de la familia de satélites de vigilancia!



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Yeah, beim "raumgalerie wettbewerb" von @esa_de & @Paxi_ESAKids geht es in den nächsten 2 Monaten um ... #Sentinel6

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Un nuovo mese è cominciato e torna puntuale la Gara dello Spazio Il tema di questo mese è #Sentinel6 , il satellite per lo studio dell'innalzamento del livello del mare appena lanciato. #ESA #EO @ESA_EO 🌊✂️🖍️ @Paxi_ESAKids attende i vostri lavori!

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Looking forward to the first images from the new member of the #Sentinel #satellite #fleet family #Sentinel6 Michael Freilich @CopernicusEU #EUSpaceWeek 🛰️🔭📡

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retweet @ esa: RT @Paxi_ESAKids: New month, new focus! After the successful launch of #Sentinel6 satellite, this month let's learn about sea rise and how it relates to #ClimateChange. Send us your best Sentinel-6 artwork. @ESA_EO is eager to see what you…

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En esta página del @NASAJPL se puede usar una app para ver e interactuar en tiempo real con el Sentinel 6 en Órbita sobre nuestro Planeta. #sentinel6 #NASAJPL @MigOnMars

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You will get @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 “Kiss to space ” !

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#NASA #NAC #ScienceCmte - Dr. Karen St. Germain Disuccing the recently launched #Sentinel6 Mission with NASA, NOAA ESA , .@CopernicusEU and others. Was also a breakthrough in organization and laying the foundation for future collaboration & co-operation

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#NASA #NAC #ScienceCmte - .@Dr_ThomasZ also saying that #Sentinel6 was launched within budget. We're trying to make the portfolio more risk acceptable

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🆕And don't forget to sign up for the special #EUspaceWeek press conference on 10 December where the first images generated thanks to #Copernicus Sentinel-6 will be presented to the media!📸

More information & registration:

#EUSpace @CopernicusEU

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#NASA #NAC #ScienceCmte - @Dr_ThomasZ showing a photo of the #Falcon9 taking #Sentinel6 into orbit. it was a collaboration looking at the seas with an accuracy that is mind boggling with ESA, NASA, NOAA, JAXA.

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#NAC #ScienceCmte - Meeting Underway Dr. Meenakshi Wadhwa Providing an introduction and saluting some accomplishments including the recent launch of #Sentinel6

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New month, new focus! After the successful launch of #Sentinel6 satellite, this month let's learn about sea rise and how it relates to #ClimateChange. Send us your best Sentinel-6 artwork. @ESA_EO is eager to see what you've got too! Submit here:

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In the news this #scenefromabove episode...


And we talk to @Keiko_geo about #earthengine

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#Sentinel6 Michael Freilich successfully launched on 21 November and will be continuing the unique record of mean sea level measurements. @RemkoScharroo discusses the important altimetry part of the mission in our latest podcast episode - listen here:

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#CrewDragon @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 #Change5 @Venture_Orbital, #Falcon9, @Spacex, etc... Encore plein de choses abordées en novembre dans #Lachroniquespatiale. A lire ou relire ici 👇

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The ocean-observing Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Nov. 21, 2020 at 12:17 p.m. EST (9:17 a.m. PST, 5:17 p.m. UTC).

Image/video credits: @NASA

#rocket #Sentinel6 #spaceX #falcon9

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@klausdodds Also worth noting that even a gap in sea ice thickness records emerges, @SpaceX just launched the @esa[email protected] satellite #Sentinel6 to measure sea level rise into the 2030s. Fascinating to see collaboration btw states & commercial firms in space taking off

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Terminamos el #Lunes con el lanzamiento de #Sentinel6 de @CopernicusEU, las galaxias NGC 1052-DF4 y NGC 1052-DF2 por @HUBBLE_space de NASA/ESA entre otras en #NuestraSemana del 23-27 Noviember en imágenes

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Hier mehr über @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6: Es geht um die Messung des Meeresspiegels. #Klimaforschung #Klimawandel

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@NASA_ICE #Icesat @NASAGoddard @NASAJPL @ESO @ESA_EO @esascience #Sentinel6 🛰 @SPACEdotcom @eumetsat @SpaceX

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OMG - what kind of space laser is #Sentinel6 using to heat the ocean to the red- then white-hot temperatures in this video?!?

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I really wanted some of these @ESA_EO!! 🥰

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This week at @esa #EarthObservation we:

📸admired the beautiful images of the @CopernicusEU #Sentinel6 liftoff
🕹️Handed over control of #Sentinel6 to @eumetsat after the LEOP phase
🛰️Flew over @esa's Kiruna ground station with @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2

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In case you have not yet seen the #Sentinel6 vid compilation by Scott Manley...

@AngelX17769491 @ArtistBurns @artisticflavorz @bevvscott @CherylLBooks @ChiragM_2015 @demonhawk @DrSianProctor @hsrivney @KeithMansfield @Lora013 @spacegooose @SpaceUnitedFC

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In case you have not yet seen the #Sentinel6 vid compilation by Scott Manley

@_HerbBaker @11LunarLuster11 @artycosmos @DankendallBGK @DavidBflower @garyparker83 @GrahamBowes @hellyelly @Leon_Helmink @MicheleHelmink @MissDrifty @paperrocketman @pilliarscreatio @vochey88

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Keep up with #SeeingTheSeas! 🌊🛰️

Want to "sea" what Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich is up to a week after launching from @30thSpaceWing? Follow its journey as it orbits Earth ➡️

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Polar scientists wary of impending satellite gap

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Experts expose the worst decor in every Baby Boomer's kitchens. These things are no longer cool & everyone must stop decorating like this immediately

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