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Love your performance in #Taish as your character "Aarfa" : A surgeon that too a British Pakistani. Ok @nambiarbejoy big thankyou for putting India ❤ Pakistan part in your project too, along with #Taish very unique and classy work from you. Prayers for success.

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@harsha_actor @PulkitSamrat @kriti_official @jimSarbh @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @nambiarbejoy @EaseMyTrip @nishantpitti @SohamRockstrEnt @DeepakMukut @rikantpitti @ZeeMusicCompany We couldn't agree more #Taish. Keep up the good work 💪🏻

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Interesting lyrics ❤

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@kriti_official But nowadays Bollywood thinks movie means kissing scene, bedroom season n body exposure... So many most of Bollywood viewers are turning towards south movies... #Taish is one among that

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Pulkit Samrat – who was recently seen in #Taish – is already gearing up for his next film #SuswagatamKhushamadeed . @PulkitSamrat

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Just one word for #Taish team - Superb 👏
Every character at his/her best. Special mention to @PulkitSamrat @kriti_official

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@filmfare @flyx_me @TataPravesh No nominations for #DelhiCrime #Scam1992 #Mirzapur2 #JL50 #TheGoneGame #Abhay #TheRaikarCase #Hostages #ASimpleMurder #MadMen #Ludo #Taish in any category
What is this #Filmfare your awards are total scam.

#FLYXFilmfareOTTAwards #OTTPlatforms #OTT #FilmfareBlackLady

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@nambiarbejoy @harsha_actor @PulkitSamrat @jimSarbh @kriti_official @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @ZEE5Premium @EaseMyTrip @SohamRockstrEnt Amazing Direction
Intense Performance
Love each and every moment of #Taish
Each character had impact on story.

Mazza aagaya.. Will watch again.

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@kriti_official @ZEE5Premium @nambiarbejoy @PulkitSamrat @jimSarbh @harsha_actor @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @ratheeofficial @salonibatra_29 @EaseMyTrip @nishantpitti @SohamRockstrEnt @DeepakMukut @Shivanshuhere @rikantpitti @ZeeMusicCompany Saw #Taish and loved it! Such incredible and intense performances by @kriti_official
Go watch again and again

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More power to you @nambiarbejoy ! Loved #Taish ,keep the RTs coming !

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You are absolutely right ! Even if anyone praises or appreciates #TAISH I WILL spread the word. Mere Aur mere cast ke liye har ek Shabaashi matter karti hai 😊.

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Their #Taish will keep you up all night. Streaming now #AnythingForFamily

@PulkitSamrat @kriti_official @jimSarbh @harsha_actor @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @nambiarbejoy @EaseMyTrip @nishantpitti @SohamRockstrEnt @DeepakMukut @rikantpitti @ZeeMusicCompany

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😨 Their #Taish will keep you up all night. Streaming now #AnythingForFamily

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@KRKBoxOffice #taish was a good timepass film

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If even a dog on any street anywhere in the world, does praise a film, if even it’s the most wahiyat film like #Taish then also actors, producers and director of the film don’t forget to RT that Tweet. While they know that other people will laugh at them. #AaaThooo on their face.

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What @nambiarbejoy achieves in #Taish is head and shoulders above Hollywood. The star of the show is @harsha_actor's raging bull Pali. It's a treat to see his command over Punjabi (he did it in Paltan also...it went unnoticed but it caught Nambiar's attention)...review coming up!

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Can't wait for watching #Taish by @harsha_actor @iamsanjeeda @PulkitSamrat @kriti_official ❤️❤️

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@anuragkashyap72 Also #Taish has been extremely overloaded by everyone. One of my favorite movie of the year.

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#Taish has terrific music. The best Bollywood album after Kabir Singh..

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Fab interview by @RajeevMasand with @harsha_actor - so candid and so genuine. Hope Harsha gets his due sooner than later. He was excellent in #Taish and was good even in his debut Hindi film - Sanam Teri Kasam.

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Binge-watched #Taish ❤️is a slick intense drama thriller which has revenge written all over it. 🔥👍must watch for @iamsanjeeda as Jahaan pulled this off with great finesse & go to way!! 💫 You're a delight to watch on screen 💯💥. Everything worked out beautifully on screen.

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#Taish is one of the best films of 2020, a perfect revenge-drama thriller movie available on @ZEE5India. Indian OTT platforms are reaching new heights day by day. Brilliant perfomance from all actors but @harsha_actor was phenomenal, good to see him back after long time 👊🏻

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@sundeepkishan @ZEE5India @nambiarbejoy @PulkitSamrat @jimSarbh @kriti_official @ratheeofficial @harsha_actor Love u anna 😘,thanks for suggesting this #Taish movie, will definitely watch.
waiting for our´s #A1express 🏑🤗

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Really enjoyed watching #Taish on @ZEE5India ...
@nambiarbejoy In top form ✊🏽
Congratulations @PulkitSamrat , @jimSarbh , @kriti_official & @ratheeofficial ..you guys were so good in it ❤️
& Mr.Rane @harsha_actor ..proud of you as always bhai 😘
Go check it out guys 🤟🏽

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اخيرا لودي نت نزلوه بشوف الفلم طبعا واذا يستاهل تابعت المسلسل #Taish

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Is it just me or is #taish flying under the radar? I watched the episodic version and I enjoyed it. The music was really good, so were the shots/aesthetics. I liked the performances but @harsha_actor and #SaurabhSachdeva really stood out. Worth a watch just for them!

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If you mess with Pali then get ready to face his #Taish. Streaming now #AnythingForFamily

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Someone tell who r trending #BoycottNetflixIndia that in a #TAISH Web series on #ZEE5 showing hindu man having a muslim gf n woh bhi pakistani 😉😂🤣. So now trending #SubscribeZee5 also n i demand #bharatratna for #Bejoynambiar (director) on behalf of nation @CatWomaniya

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Taish Actor Ankur Rathee On Mischiefs He Did With Jim Sarbh On Sets: “We Would Constantly Go Off-Script…”

@jimSarbh #AnkurRathee #Taish #Koimoi

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#taishonzee5 is an example of nice movie not appreciated in media because of missing star power.
#sadbuttrue #Taish

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Loved #Taish
So edgy and out-of-the-box.
Some incredible performances there!

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Thank u so much for all the help on #TAISH @chakranuya . You are a STAR

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While ‘Funk’, ‘O.D (feat. Titus)’ are obvious favourites, ‘Wild’ and ‘Saavan Mod Muhara’ are incredibly fabulous too. Watched #Taish for the 3rd time today @nambiarbejoy 🙃 So glad to have had the opportunity to play a small part in the promotions. Thanks to you and @ZEE5Premium

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Tumhare liye toh aise hi pagal hoon.. yeh taish ka paali jo tumne acting kiya hain ..yeh dekhkar toh mein har jagha tumko hi dekh raha hoon..🥀 @harsha_actor #taishonzee5 #Taish

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One, two or three? The hug that took your ❤️ away. Tell me in the comments!

#Taish @zee5premium @nambiarbejoy @harsha_actor

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And ITunes playlist #TAISH

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Pour Salt Down Your Drain At Night, Here's Why 😮

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Thank u so so so much! ❤️ #taish

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