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If the #Texans trade Watson, I’d pack my bags and watch the team with the prettier uniform until I find a team I can root for.

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Yessir!! You know what time it is your favorite guys back with more 🔥🔥 @ThaCOBY and @YungNEducated on Spotify with the latest click now and listen #nfl #NBA #rockets #LakeShow #SteelersNation #texans #htown #PS5

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I cant believe Cal McNair chose Easterby over Deshaun... #Texans #SellTheTeam #FireEasterby

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Eric Bieniemy to the Houston Texans has to happen doesn't it? Not many HC Openings left and he was always supposedly the #1 Candidate. Plus if the inept Texans Owner wants any chance of keeping Watson, he almost has to hire Bieniemy. #Texans #NFL

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Another Franchise player on a Houston team wants out!!! WOW

#DeshaunWatson #texans #NFLNews

Last month, took a close look at the uncanny rise of Jack Easterby in Houston.

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The #Texans are falling apart

Questionable choice as GM

Issues with management and team owner

Still no HC

Watson wants out

Heading down a spiral of being irrelevant, could be below .500 team for quite awhile .......

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Texans should definitely look to hire either Doug Pederson, Brandon Staley, or even take a chance on Eric Bieniemy. #Texans

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I am done with @HoustonTexans. I won’t support them anymore until @CalMcnair sells the team. When Watson is traded (not if), every #Texans fan should boycott the team, but I have a feeling the fan base is too shallow to pull it off.

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Here is #Jets coach Robert Saleh in high school. Must mean a deep dive into the blue-collar family roots of a #GoGreen graduate assistant, who became the only coach left in #Texans facility one day, who helped lay groundwork for #Seahawks legion of boom.

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Deshaun Watson se quiere ir de #Texans, y sus compañeros lo respaldarían en esa decisión

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So is Houston the worst pro sports city in the country? Astros cheat their way to a World Series, Harden finally gets out of H-Town and now Deshaun Watson 'wants out' despite just signing a major deal.
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Pretty sure that Jack Easterby slept with @MikeFlorioPFT wife. #texans #jackeasterby #NFL #texans

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Deshaun “Just Wants Out”: Disgruntled QB Deshaun Watson is receiving plenty of support from his Texans teammates to do “what’s best for himself” amid trade rumors.

#Texans | #NFL

➡️ SI

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I'll never understand how NFL owners can stick by personnel that provide a negative influence, but easily move players as a "business decision". In Houston, Jack Easterby gets a vote of confidence from McNair, while players like Watt and Watson may be on the move #Texans #NFL

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A famous saying in sports is that “you can’t fire the owner”

Well, the #Texans have protected Jack Easterby like he’s actually the teams owner and not just a former character coach with zero player personnel experience.

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Lots to unpack with this SI piece on the #Texans but this stood out.

Deshaun Watson laughed when he saw Andre Johnson's tweet telling him to stand his ground.

When asked why he found that tweet funny, a person close to Watson said, “He just wants out.”

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This is getting interesting 👀

(via @JennyVrentas, @GregBishopSI)

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And #Texans fans response:


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In fact, new poll data from @HartSurveys shows that #Texans also support lifting the ban on Medicaid coverage of abortion. 👇🏾

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New #Texans from Houston Chronicle — McClain: Cal McNair’s message on Jack Easterby is simple. Deal with it.

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Don’t believe anything until you actually see the words “Deshaun Watson has requested a trade...” as of now these are just rumors and speculations. #Texans

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Not sure if Casserio knew what he was getting into; but McNair risking the loss of the franchise QB is next level. Don't know if the front office can even fix this; unless they REALLY pursue & hire Eric Bieniemy as HC & maybe give Watson a reason to buy back in.

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This is tremendous work but the #Texans organization is an absolute mess

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IMO, when the Fire slowly started in the #Texans organization, she should’ve IMMEDIATELY came in w/ multiple fire extinguishers & put that SMALL Fire out!!
They asses came running w/ a Bucket of Old Chicken grease water!! Not Good!

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@CreoleRozay Jack Easterby & Cal McNair with #Texans organization ! 🤦🏿‍♂️

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Let the bidding for Deshaun Watson start at two first-round picks 🤠

via @SInow | #49ers | #Texans

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Does anyone doubt for a minute that Easterby has convinced Cal that worst case he could be the #Texans qb and everything would be as good or better.

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Wow, great read. #Texans fans, us #FTTB fans can identify with this. This was what it was like with Trent Baalke as our GM. It looks like Watt and Watson could be gone. What a disaster Easterby is. Sounds like a total 🐍

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The #Texans remind me of the oil and gas industry: run by the good ol' boys club, hire friends and families, no forward thinking, never evolve and continue to do things the way they've been done in the last 50 years. Can't have inmates run the prison right Cal?

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Report: #Texans QB Deshaun Watson reportedly “just wants out” per @SInow. Watson has received support from teammates to do what’s best for him amid trade rumors.

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Report: #Texans QB Deshaun Watson reportedly “just wants out” per @SInow. Watson has received support from teammates to do what’s best for him amid trade rumors.

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RUMORS: #Texans QB Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston and a fresh start somewhere else, a source close to him says


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Whoever is going to nrg stadium to protest please take video. #texans #FireEasterby #selltheteamcal

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If you were so fed up with how the #Texans do business why did you sign a huge extension? Primadonna athletes are tone deaf

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Personally couldn’t be more sick of athletes like @deshaunwatson who “just do what’s best for them” with no loyalty or regard to the organization that made them filthy rich. I can’t say it enough. Guys like this can piss up a rope. Thanks for telling us to vote asshole

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The Texans' effort to get Deshaun Watson to change his mind isn't working

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An estranged QB, direct pleas to players and the spread of misinformation: The two weeks of chaos following a forgettable Texans season (with @GregBishopSI & @GGramling_SI)

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On the Houston Texans, continued chaos, a franchise star's unhappiness, how Jack Easterby kept his job and how owner Cal McNair took the blame (with @JennyVrentas and @GGramling_SI):

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