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Could the British Monarchy “Go Over a Cliff” After the Queen Dies?

Terrific interview with #CliveIrving, author of #TheLastQueen!
via @VanityFair

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Couldn't find @cdivakaruni's new book #TheLastQueen at @titlewavesMUM today. Probably hasn't reached the Mumbai bookstores yet. @HarperCollinsIN @DiyaKar73 @jilpanz

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#Bookgiveaway Last Queen by Clive Irving @teddyrose1 @Pegasus_Books

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#TheLastQueen is out in India right now. Hope to have it soon in other countries. Thanks!

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@MiniMenon, you did such a great job interviewing me about #TheLastQueen for @LiveHIndia. Thank you!

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Thank you! My readers and I are all waiting to learn more details from you and @EndemolShineIND about the screen adaptation of #TheLastQueen! #booksintomovies

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Those who say the future is female forgot about the feisty Jindan Kaur, who began shattering glass ceilings in the nineteenth century!
Meet the OG warrior queen in @cdivakaruni's #TheLastQueen.
Share in the comments the name of a true warrior queen who inspires you.

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@subhasish3663 @LiveHIndia @cdivakaruni It's effortlessly done @subhasish3663 there is so much to cover that I feel we have only touched the tip of the iceberg! Glad that @LiveHIndia is being able to capture the amazing stories that make India for the last 1467 days and counting ...

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Thank you, SO happy to know this @MaheshKaul2! Request to readers: Please consider writing an online review wherever you bought #TheLastQueen (@amazonIN/ @crossword_book/ @Flipkart etc.) It REALLY helps a book in its infancy.🙏 @HarperCollinsIN @DiyaKar73

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My copy of the LAST QUEEN written by @cdivakaruni arrived today
Finished it in one go.
Could not take away my eyes from the book till I read it.
Not only a living portrait of Rani Jindan but it weaves all events that shaped and demolished Sikh Kingdom in the Northern Frontier

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I loved this spirited discussion of Rani Jindan on @LiveHIndia! The questions were awesome, and they researched & put up some excellent photos & paintings that had inspired scenes in my new novel #TheLastQueen. @HarperCollinsIN @DiyaKar73 @ShabnamSriv @jilpanz

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This launch interview for #TheLastQueen at @NehruCentre was so much fun. Thanks @authoramish & @NavtejSarna for your excellent questions/comments. Friends, if you missed it, the #YouTube link is below. @HarperCollinsIN @SanjoyRoyTWA

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Always a pleasure & honor to be invited to @JLFLitfest. This year, I'll talk about my new novel on Rani Jindan, #TheLastQueen, the idea for which was sparked by @DalrympleWill's #Kohinoor.
#JaipurLiteratureFestival2021 @HarperCollinsIN @DiyaKar73 @SanjoyRoyTWA @TeamworkArts

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Our home team is, as usual, unparalleled. This year I am especially keen to hear @anniezaidi , Ram Guha, @cdivakaruni , @ShashiTharoor , the wonderful @soniafaleiro star debut historian @Yashaswini_Ch , @tmkrishna , @Samanth_S& the great @ranjithoskote

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'What was a curse was also a blessing. Not that much was known about Rani Jindan's life...I was free to imagine.' @cdivakaruni speaks to @authoramish and @NavtejSarna on writing #TheLastQueen @HarperCollinsIN

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From being the daughter of a kennel keeper to becoming the Queen of Punjab to being imprisoned by the British, Rani Jindan's life was full of ups and downs. Her story is brought alive in a new novel by @cdivakaruni
Full video here-

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Congratulations @cdivakaruni on the release of your new book #TheLastQueen.💐 Will definitely read it someday soon.. Adding it to my #TBR. 🙂

#NewBookRelease #BookWritten

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That looks beautiful! Thank you to @crossword_book for this gorgeous display of my new novel #TheLastQueen. #publicationday.

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Out today! #TheLastQueen in all her splendour ⁦@crossword_book⁩ ⁦@HarperCollinsIN⁩ ⁦@cdivakaruni

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Thank you, @DiyaKar73. Excited for #publicationday! I loved writing these lines, which are the thoughts of Rani Jindan's son, Maharajah Dalip Singh. The complex mother-son theme was very important to me in #TheLastQueen.

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Sneak preview of the first page of my #novel, #TheLastQueen. @HarperCollinsIN and my editor @DiyaKar73 have helped this book to become the best it could be. Now I'm waiting for my readers to tell me what they think! #publicationday

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I love the deep questions the interviewer asks me in this conversation about #TheLastQueen: why was I fascinated by Rani Jindan? What lessons did I learn from her life?What were my most fascinating sources for this novel? My next project? etc. @HarperCollinsIN @DiyaKar73 @jilpanz

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It is a story of love, glory and tragic loss. Catch author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni as she talks about her new book ‘The Last Queen’ which brings alive the story of Rani Jindan of Punjab, the wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

@cdivakaruni @HarperCollinsIN

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‘How hard she had fought against the British, against her own treacherous courtiers...a lone woman among all those men, the last queen of Punjab’ #TheLastQueen @cdivakaruni Happy publication day! @HarperCollinsIN

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New Books ~ Publication day for @cdivakaruni The Last Queen. Jindan Kaur comes alive in this epic tale. From the bestselling author of The Forest of Enchantments

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My first major event starring Rani Jindan #TheLastQueen, tomorrow, Jan 20. (Publication day!) Friends, please join us! Here are FB & Youtube links Facebook:


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I, too, look forward to this launch event! @NavtejSarna ji's book #TheExile was an inspiration as I wrote my new novel on Rani Jindan, #TheLastQueen!

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Tomorrow! Jan 20. Looking forward to this 3-continent launch event for my new novel, #TheLastQueen. Friends, please join us! More details & FB & youtube links on my FB page.

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Loved #thelastqueen by #cliveirving @Pegasus_Books it’s a must read for anyone into royals!

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Delighted and appreciative that my new novel #TheLastQueen is on @VOGUEIndia's Most Anticipated Books of '21 List.

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The Divakaruni Book Club is finally live on Instagram and the BOTM has been announced and what can be better than the most recent one?
Have you pre-ordered your copy of #TheLastQueen? Have you joined the club yet? Link below👇
@cdivakaruni @HarperCollinsIN

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Thrilled but not surprised that @cdivakaruni’s #TheLastQueen and @anujachauhan’s #ClubYoutoDeath are among @VOGUEIndia’s 21 most anticipated books of ‘21! #mustreads @HarperCollinsIN

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We launch @cdivakaruni’s #TheLastQueen tomorrow. Tune in at 9.30pm IST #publicationday

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Looking forward to this chat on Rani Jindan and Maharaja Duleep Singh with @cdivakaruni and @authoramish and the writing of historical fiction

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2 Fascinating Historical figures, 2 Books and 2 Authors in Discussion with @authoramish
Please join us as The Director of @TheNehruCentre engages in a conversation with author, columnist & diplomat @NavtejSarna & author, poet & professor of writing, @cdivakaruni

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I love rave reviews, too, and am so thankful for this one! #TheLastQueen

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‘It’s heartening that this woman of substance...is finally getting her due’ A rave for @cdivakaruni’s #TheLastQueen in The Tribune Chandigarh. We love raves.

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I'm always thankful for good reviews. Here is one of #TheLastQueen in @thetribunechd. "The author has done justice to the fascinatingly complex figure of Rani Jindan."

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Enjoyed doing this interview for my hometown paper #Telegraph about how I researched Rani Jindan's Life for #TheLastQueen, how the pandemic changed my writing habits, the upcoming movie, etc. @HarperCollinsIN @DiyaKar73 @ShabnamSriv

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@EndemolShine is still making decisions about the cast of #TheLastQueen. Will post as soon as I know!

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@cdivakaruni Who is playing Rani Jindan in TV adaptation? You seemed excited by it in HT interview. :)

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I love this early #review of #TheLastQueen on @womensweb! Reviewer @ShilpaGupte1 has truly understood what I tried to express about the many-faceted Rani Jindan. "An inspiration to every woman." @HarperCollinsIN @DiyaKar73 @jilpanz @ShabnamSriv

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My review of 'The Last Queen', by @cdivakaruni is live on @womensweb . Do visit for a read :)

Meet The Last Queen Jindan... Commoner, Queen, Mother, Regent, & A Woman With Love For Her Mitti! via @womensweb

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Interview in @livemint on why I wrote #TheLastQueen, why Rani Jindan fascinated me, and other interesting questions:

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on what drew her to write the story of Rani Jindan of Punjab, moving to historical novels and living through the pandemic


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@cdivakaruni @AzmiShabana @HarperCollinsIN When is the book out Mam? Eagerly waiting for it ❤️

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Congratulations @cdivakaruni! Looking forward to making the screen adaptation! @EndemolShineIND @irocksid @GauravS_Gokhale @theblindassasin

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