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Our mod's applications are officially CLOSED! In a few days i will contact all of you trought email to confirm if you get selected! Thanks to all the people interested! #DeanWinchester #Castiel #Destiel #Deancas #CasDean #TheySilencedYou #TheySilencedthem

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#Destiel Video I've wanted to make since first trailer with the bloody handprint appeared, never imagined SOME of the clips I'd be able to use, though I hoped. (Character names not in tweet to support #TheySilencedThem and other movements)

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spn writers really thought they were doing something epic with that finale but it was just a massive flop

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@yashar I remember @maddow first reporting on this. Had just got home after flying thru Boston to knock NH doors for the primary. I saw them announce the 1st case at Logan that weekend. #TheySilencedThem

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people HAVE loved this show & everything it represented. it’s been ruined for them, for us, & that is not even remotely fair to the fans who have dedicated years of their lives to watch this show.

#theysilencedthem #supernatural

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Starting the rumour that they were supposed to kiss in the original draft of this scene #TheySilencedThem

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The censorship is disgusting

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Im so angry with the people cheering on the corrupt leaders, that are silencing us. They want to remove any source of voice we have, remove Trump, remove Cruz, remove hawley. THIS IS AN ATTACK ON 76 million VOTERS & AMERICANS #browncoats #TheySilencedThem

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My Fan Art 🖤 #supernaturaltvshow #deanwinchester #castiel #destiel #queer #twister #TheySilencedThem #RepresentationMatters #youdeserveahappyending #chosenfamily #familydontendinblood

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My Fan Art 🖤 #supernaturaltvshow #deanwinchester #castiel #destiel #queer #twister #TheySilencedThem #RepresentationMatters #youdeserveahappyending
Check out my stuff & things at

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i loved this show too long to be happy with an ending like this #rancidnutwork #TheySilencedThem

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And if anyone's in doubt about why hellers are harassing everyone attached to the show..

#TheySilencedThem #TheySilencedJim 😔

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Worst Reason SP*N Was Terrible (can't wait!): #theysilencedthem #ourvoicecounts #SPN #SPNFamily #SPNFamilyForever #Supernatural #supernaturalfinale

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this is why we create these hashtags jim. you're really siding with the incest shippers and hating on the lgbtq+ community for speaking out and speaking our minds toward you. are you homophobic? is that it? do you not like gay people?

#TheySilencedThem #OurVoiceCounts

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@J2Samantha Thank you

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It sucks because there's actors I'd love to support & crew I'd want to support especially this year given how uncertain everyone's job security is but I've been bitten too many times by this network. This is now at 415 examples & still counting at 31 pages

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@mishacollins @jarpad @JensenAckles #mishacollins #JensenAckles #JaredPadalecki #moose #squirrel #deancas #DeanWinchester #TheySilencedThem #TheySilencedYou #theywillneversilenceus #destiel #Supernatural #bidean

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@Michael17914839 @STlLLDEAN @stiIldean That's convenient, isn't it, Michael? 🤷🏾‍♀️ If Misha says something that doesn't sit right with the pedestal you're seating him on, then conspiracy theories start. By the way, his video didn't start anything, it put really big damper on an already going movement " #TheySilencedThem"

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Didn't Oliver Queen also die at the end of his show. You know, the character who also had a traumatic past. #TheySilencedThem #ourvoicecounts

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the way *that* side of the spn fandom has tried to say things like #theysilencedthem being only about destiel infuriates me to no end. like people sharing how seeing queer/poc/female/disabled characters getting tossed aside hurts but then (1/6)

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Why is no one talking about the fact that when Sam and Dean went to surrender, Dean specifically said that Cass had to come back? #destiel #mishacollins #DeanWinchester #TheySilencedThem #TheySilencedYou #castiel #JensenAckles #supernatural

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With Walker starting this month, a buddy of mine that doesn’t have Twitter drew this and asked me to post it for them. I couldn’t argue.

It’s the Walker tagline, but edited. “Justice comes home” indeed.

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@sunnycastiel And the argument of quarantine keeping certain actors out is utter bullshit. THEY DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HER. SAM DIDN'T EVER SAY HER NAME EVER AGAIN. YOU CAN'T BLAME THAT ON QUARANTINE! *ahem* Sorry, I, uh, have feelings about the erasure of Eileen. #TheySilencedThem

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But Dean and Cas aren't or at best one sided? That there wasn't anything romantic built between them? Despite Dean never saying he's straight. Why is one relationship easier to accept as queer but not another? (2/2) #TheySilencedThem

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- Destiel Canon multiple times: confession, in Spanish, by script;
- Still Beautiful. Still Dean Winchester
- Dean and Benny Breakup in season 8;
- Jared's company: You define you.
- #TheySilencedYou #TheySilencedThem #somethingtosay
- Jensen not liking of the finale


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Eric charmelo took the time to go through our #TheySilencedThem hashtag and like our posts and it's more than almost anyone has done. this is how little we asked for. just to be heard

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Stealing this because there’s no way that poll was accurate. I just. I can’t fathom it.

“So, it's been a month. We had time to digest. I'd like to ask {the fandom} what they thought of the series finale.”


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