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Xi Jinping arrives in Zhangjiakou to inspect the Beijing Winter Olympics via @YouTube @Beijing2022 #XiJinping #Beijing2022 #BeijingWinterOlympics #BeijingWinterOlympicGames #2022WinterOlympics

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#XiJinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Tuesday inspected the Zhangjiakou competition zone of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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@FedericoRampini Il frutto di una politica economica occidentale cinica e suicida
Il covid “per coincidenza”, ha completato l’opera
E nessuno che presenti il conto #XiJinping

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@HuXijin_GT #congratulations #China #XiJinping. Old chang, @GordonGChang I m sure you will get your bigger reward this year. Ya. Love your rethoric and thanks for helping to promote 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳.

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Can someone call #China and ask President #XiJinping to revoke all of #IvankaTrump ‘s patents. #The Chinese should spend any money on anything that will put money in her pocket! #IvankaForPrison

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China's Xi Jinping to join Angela Merkel, Yoshihide Suga and Narendra Modi at virtual Davos for the pandemic age #China #china #XiJinping #xijinping #davos

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@MartinKoenigsb2 Biden/Harris/ Obama getting dog walked by #XiJinping

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This is a fair point, and one that shouldn’t be partisan. We must not reward #XiJinping by making it appear as if he is anything other than a pariah. If #China wants to be treated like a normal nation, it must behave like a normal nation.

@JapanEmbDC @GermanyinUSA

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@ChinaEmbOttawa A glorious anniversary!

Surely the Loyal #Chinese People do not begrudge Communist Party officials the great wealth they have accrued; they deserve it!

The #CCPNeverLies!

P.S. Did #XiJinping order a rebranding? The world knows you as the #CCP (Chinese Comminist Party)

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Chancellor Merkel, PM Suga are to meet Xi Jinping in a virtual Davos. Uighur detainees, political prisoners, hostages and the Chinese populace will see that "the World" accepts aggression & repression. What is the gain ? Reagan refused to meet any Soviet leader till Gorbachev.

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I know that #XiJinPing have not only the problem of cancer , but also the Money .
Though what their decision ?

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Inevitabile. 👍🏻
Le amministrazioni cambiano, ma il Nemico rimane lo stesso. Con alti e bassi livelli di divergenza, certo, ma l'inimicizia resta fortissima. Succedeva ieri con l'URSS, succede oggi e succederà per i decenni a venire con la #Cina.
#JoeBiden #XiJinping

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#Usa, il nuovo capo della diplomazia: "Con la #Cina saremo duri come #Trump" #JoeBiden #Inauguration #XiJinping via @repubblica

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India struggles to even barricade LoC because Pakistan Army won't let it happen.

Clearly, Indian Army was not tasked to stop heavy construction in #ArunachalPradesh #Ladakh that happened in the Indian territory under Chinese occupation

All so that PM Modi could host #XiJinping

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@NatalieSuB @SusanMichie #XiJinping UK mouth piece just like the other communist low life’s on #SAGE !

I do not know why some body dont bundle the lot of them into a container and ship them off to Beijing !

So they can stay there

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@SkyNews Congratulations to vice president #biden I'm sure the new president #XiJinping will be a triumph

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@petemorristwit I think you'll find he will be rocking back and forth in a chair somewhere whilst Dr B and Kamala run the USA under the tutelage of #XiJinping

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O presidente Donald Trump classificou hoje a China como responsável por crime contra a humanidade e genocídio. O republicano enfatizou o massacre aos uigures na região de Xinjiang, enviados para campos de concentração a mando do Partido Comunista Chinês.

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iniziano le pubblicità su film per la #GiornataDellaMemoria e condanna del nazismo, però però però tutti sorridenti e proni verso #Hitler #XiJinping che pochi giorni fa ha mandato in campo di concentramento giornalisti, dissidenti, etnie e #FalunGong #Complici


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China is the cancer of the world #BoycottChina #China #COVID19 #Uighurs #UighurGenocide #XiJinping

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@TheEconomist Enculé #XiJinping prison ! CPP = 👇🏼

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Hat #SleepyJoe hier gleich den Chinesischen Staatspräsidenten #XiJinping mitgebracht? 🤣 #InaugurationDay

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📰 Peng Liyuan meets with president of Fondation Merieux #France #Chine #BioMérieux #FondationMérieux #AlainMérieux #PengLiyuan #XiJinping #COVID19france #FranceDiplo #OMS #PasseportSanitaire #confinement #CouvreFeu18h00 #Macron

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President Trump signed an executive order to prevent the US federal government from using #Drones manufactured by foreign adversaries, including #China.

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@SecPompeo and @POTUS President Donald Trump declares China #CCP under dictator #XiJinping policies on the #muslim #Uighurs as #UighurGenocide

Of course, @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @AOC @CNN @MSNBC @Harvard @Yale @Stanford @Twitter @Facebook @Microsoft, etc. disagree

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Le régime chinois ne comprend que le rapport de force. Si l’Europe se tait sur le sort réservé aux #Ouighours, elle s’assoit sur ses « valeurs » et se tire une balle dans le pied : comment peut-elle espérer compter aux yeux de #XiJinping et se faire respecter ?

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@nypost #XiJinping laughs; licks lips. "Then #HunterBiden would be #VICEpresident! #VICE!" They #getit.

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Engagé sur la question des Ouïghours, victimes de persécutions à grande échelle en Chine, l'eurodéputé @rglucks1 s’est attiré les foudres de @AmbassadeChine. Explications de @jugasparutto

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#XiJinping 11.01.2021 günü düzenlenen il ve bakanlıklar arasında birinci komuta çalıştayında gururla duyurdu
“Fırsatlar zorluklardan daha büyüktür” bu da fırsatların onun yönetiminde olduğu anlamına gelir.
评论 | 何清涟:习近平的“时与势”究竟指什么?

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@TataKoual Lecture terrifiante mais indispensable pour ne pas dire : "nous ne savions pas". Document bouleversant d'une victime du génocide décidé par #XiJinping, un monstre dont Mao serait fier.

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Prima audizione di Blinken (futuro segretario di Stato) al Senato: “ #Trump aveva ragione sulla #Cina”. #JoeBiden #Inauguration2021 #XiJinping #USA #America

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The only #President with balls to call out China #Trump #PresidentTrump #foreverTrump #Trumpforever #MAGA #ChineseVirus #Genocide #UighurGenocide #TrumpIsMyPresident #TrumpforAmerica #USA #China #XiJinping #assholeoftheday

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@reporteni Democrats r like #Maduro Venezuela 🇻🇪 #XiJinping China 🇨🇳 #KimJong-un North Korea 🇰🇵 they just want themself in power. Shutting down everything they don’t like using censorship as well. Socialism n communism has reached the 🇺🇸. It is not about 1 man, is about ur hate

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@BiancaJagger Democrats are like #Maduro Venezuela 🇻🇪 #XiJinping China 🇨🇳 #KimJong-un North Korea 🇰🇵 they just want themself in power. Shutting down everything they don’t like using censorship as well. Socialism and communism has reached the USA 🇺🇸. It is not about 1 man 👨 is about your hate

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قال خبراء أجانب إن التصريحات الهامة بشأن العولمة الاقتصادية التي اقترحها الرئيس الصيني شي جين بينغ قبل أربع سنوات، أعطت أملا على خلفية انتشار جائحة "كوفيد-19" والتغيرات الكبيرة التي لم يسبق لها مثيل منذ قرن من الزمن. #الصين #XiJinping #CGTNInsight


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👉🏿When will powerful Republicans break away from Trump? Trump is historically unpopular and it makes no sense for Republicans to tie their fortunes to him

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@MLInstitute @M_Johnston1 "But its recent programs of surveillance and repression show the characteristics of a totalitarian state, with technologies of which Hitler and Mussolini could only dream."

Like @drfeifei does with Twitter AI ?

Criticizing #XiJinping gets you permanently suspended or deboosted.

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Breaking: the United States declares that Beijing is committing "genocide" against the Uighurs in northwest China's Xinjiang, both the harshest and most accurate statement yet by any government. A very welcome development.

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JUST IN - Pompeo: "Communist China is already within our borders."

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Ma nouvelle vidéo, sur la médaille de l'amitié décernée par la Chine communiste aux pires pantins de Pékin, dont 2 Français, Jean-Pierre Raffarin et Alain Mérieux :

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