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Holy shit. This is unreal. Such a talented person. Jonah Raydio changed my perception and awareness of music for the better, he was such a huge part of that show, as well as an incredible editor. His name on a project meant it would be fantastic. #NeiledIt

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It was sad this week to see so many of the talented and funny people I follow on social media suffering over the loss of their equally-talented and funny friend. I'm glad they have one another and I hope they know us faceless fans out here care and wish them all well.

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I'm almost done posting sad shit about Neil Mahoney, who is surely sick of it in Letterkenny Heaven or Science Foreverland or wherever he is now, BUT I'M NOT DONE JUST YET. #NeiledIt

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A lovely tribute written by Jonah Ray, who also took the photo— the last photo he’d taken of Neil just before his passing. #neiledit

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Put @NEILMAHONEY in the "In Memoriam" segment at @TheEmmys #NeiledIt

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Who do we need to lobby to ensure @NEILMAHONEY gets into @TheEmmys “In Memoriam” segment? @directorsguild? @MPEG700? @TelevisionAcad? #NeiledIt

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Wonderful obit. Neil connected so many people, his friends became friends. He connected me with @ScottBuon. Our first comic will be dedicated to him. #NeiledIt

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This is making me cry all over again but it's so fucking perfect if you knew Neil. #NeiledIt

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@cashhartz This is absolutely perfect. He would have loved it. #NeiledIt. Is it weird that I was incredibly relieved when you told me he had caught up on Letterkenny before the end?

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I really missed out by never meeting Neil Mahoney. We should all be as loving and loved as he was. #neiledit

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@jessicamartinez @latimes Read this here before coming across the full lovely tribute. Neil Mahoney was so clearly beloved, as one can see from the hashtag #NeiledIt. Thank you @jonahray @SaraJBenincasa for the words that will touch so many in your friend’s memory.

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Neil Mahoney, Emmy-Nominated Editor for ‘Key & Peele’ and ‘Drunk History,’ Dies at 43

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@jonahray wrote a stunning obituary for @NEILMAHONEY Please give it a read.

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@jonahray This is so fucking perfect. #neiledit . He's been showing up in my dreams all week. i want to talk to him about the band BATTLES and Steely Dan and keep remembering that I cannot. Also, did he see the latest season of Letterkenny? I wanted to talk to him about that.

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Here’s a beautiful obituary for my cousin-in-law, who was so important to some of the most important people in my life. My cousins are mourning their nephew, I’m mourning never knowing @NEILMAHONEY. #bostonirishcousins #NeiledIt

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In 2017, @alexisamorosi and @KmanWorldwide helped @NEILMAHONEY throw a Reverse Surprise Party where everyone thought they were surprising him until HE appeared out of nowhere. Here's the big moment. #NeiledIt

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I found this in my golf bag on Tuesday. The last time I went golfing was with Neil at the Los Feliz par 3. I'm gonna miss talking shit, laughing, and bitching about work while walking around that crummy golf course with you. #NeiledIt

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Where can we direct our sadness and rage, and how can we help preserve and protect the lives of our creative geniuses?


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logging in to say i’ve been thinking about @NEILMAHONEY a ton the past few days and he brought me so much joy with all the great project he edited but really made me love him hanging with his friends on Jonah Raydio, he will be terribly missed #NeiledIt

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@JonahRaydio @jonahray @cashhartz If god exists, #Neiledit trending worldwide on Twitter...after Neil's death is proof that they at least have a great sense of humor.

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Neil was great. His soundboard drops on @JonahRaydio were my favourites -always cracked me up. RIP @NEILMAHONEY #NeiledIt Soundboard was his art

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El aviso superior de @NetflixES para #NeiledIt o intenta dejar claro que lo dulce es malo para la salud o bien que el resultado no es comestible jaja #reposteria #Television

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@catsolen @TVforDessert Thanks for sharing, Cat. Neil was an amazing dude, and he didn’t only reserve his generosity for close friends. He was kind enough to recommend me for jobs and give me advice. He seemed to be free of the social awkwardness that most creative people suffer. #neiledit

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This is a really nice piece about Neil. Thank you @TVforDessert #neiledit

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1999 Neil was late to the Cowboys & Vampires party because he spray painted his jumpsuit orange & it wouldn’t dry. He was woozy breathing the fumes & probably very flammable. But fully committed, as always. Best guy, best laugh, best friend to your Cape Cod brothers. #NeiledIt

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Dumbest thing I ever purchased while stone cold sober and I’ll cherish it forever. Aloha @NEILMAHONEY @JonahRaydio @cashhartz Luv you guys #NeiledIt

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Hey everybody, the feature film @NEILMAHONEY directed along with @MattBesser, Freak Dance, is available on Amazon Prime. You should all watch it tonight to experience a little of Neil's silliness and humor. #NeiledIt #RIP

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#NeiledIt: The Comedy Community Mourns the Sudden Loss of Television Editor and Director Neil Mahoney - mxdwn Television via @mxdwn

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#NeiledIt: The Comedy Community Mourns the Sudden Loss of Television Editor and Director Neil Mahoney #NeilMahoney

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#NeiledIt: The Comedy Community Mourns the Sudden Loss of Television Editor and Director Neil Mahoney – 

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revisiting .@JonahRaydio @NEILMAHONEY was amazing. We DM a couple of times. He was such a genuine person helped me with some covid anxiety I was feeling. .@jonahray [email protected] [email protected] or any friends of #NeiledIt is there a charity we can donate to in his honor

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Please share your favorite @NEILMAHONEY moments with @JonahRaydio #neiledit

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@JonahRaydio @NEILMAHONEY In episode #243 w/ Laura Stevenson, for the 2nd time (as with the prior ep.) at 43:20, Neil was kind enough to interrupt Jonah starting "this day in music" to kindly comment on the job I did with the little musical thing I made... I listened back and now i'm in tears. #NeiledIt

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Hey everybody. Do you have any favorite @NEILMAHONEY moments from the show? Let us know in the comments below. Bonus points if you know which episode they're from. Thanks. #NeiledIt

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