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The Detroit Lions and Brad Holmes have made it official. Here are a few things you should know about the team’s new General Manager (GM).(via @rachmariesports) #OnePride #NFL #NFLTwitter #FootballTwitter

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Join the Discussion on the Viking Horn #Skol #Vikings #NFL #GoPackGo #OnePride #DaBears

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I’d be in full support if the Lions went all in on Watson. #OnePride

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@4Lawson4 @archambeaum3 @DatGirlFriday @GeneCol91775286 @AdinaRainbird @SwissLionsFan @UK_detroitlions @rachmariesports @cbfromdcc @DamoneHardy @ChimRitchels Last QB to take #OnePride the distance. When Brett Favre hit the scene he was compared to Bobby Layne.

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Happy Birthday and #Faturday to our king, @WorldofIsaac! #OnePride

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Guys, you stocking up? About to be out of market soon.


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I'm actually fuckin stoked about Dan Campbell!
#Lions #OnePride

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This is getting interesting 👀

(via @JennyVrentas, @GregBishopSI)

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@DETsportschat @archambeaum3 If they decide to move on from #9 Holmes should be first in line to call the Texans. A swap of QB's and picks/cap space could work for both and satisfy each fan base (not that they care about the game base all that much). #OnePride

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This is the best thing I’ve seen today. Shot , chaser , shot , chaser 🍻 #OnePride

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Watson Trade, Kenny and Marvin, GM & Coach Search, and More! #Lions #OnePride

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Dropping at 5 PM! Lions Theme Twam #OnePride #Madden21

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🙏RIP🙏 #OnePride

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Bring Allen Robinson home. #OnePride

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@LLamorandier Anything is better than where we’ve been - if he’s hungry- we are all gonna finally eat - welcome to Detroit #OnePride

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Has anybody seen this? Not much has changed for my Lions. #OnePride ❤️

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If Dan Campbell is our next HC, obviously the big thing will be who the coordinators are. Praying to keep Gregg Williams and Adam Gase as far away as possible. Read their names in a story yesterday. #OnePride

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@freepsports IN COLLEGE... my god if all stupid shit I said college when I was a dumb kid was used against me I would be broke and homeless.

Has he changed? That is the question.


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per @AdamSchefter on NFL Postseason Countdown;

'It turns out the Chargers and #Lions both made calls to Urban Meyer to gauge his interest. But ultimately was drawn to Shad Khan, Tony Khan, and the situation in Jacksonville'


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That jab hand to the shoulder/neck area is the same thing @III_Flowers got flagged for twice in a game... #StillSalty #OnePride

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The @freep is trash. @freepsports is a joke. Carlos and Marlowe are talentless hacks. We all know this. Stop reading their rag. Stop tweeting their crap. It's simple. And oh yeah, the refuse to write about the Heart of a Lions Fan. They are NOT on the side of #OnePride

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Writer suggests Detroit Lions consider blockbuster signing to replace Kenny Golladay #OnePride Do you agree with @LLamorandier or would you go a different route?

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Top 3: Lions fans that should honestly be the Lions media:


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Late #FF #OnePride @archambeaum3 @DatGirlFriday @GeneCol91775286 @AdinaRainbird @SwissLionsFan @UK_detroitlions @rachmariesports @4Lawson4 @cbfromdcc @DamoneHardy @ChimRitchels Bobby Layne Lives!

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If Dan Campbell is the guy.. #OnePride

My top 3 OC candidates
1. Jason Garrett
2. Anthony Lynn
3. Curtis Johnson

Top 3 DC
1. Raheem Morris
2. Kacy Rodgers
3. Jim Haslett

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Go check out this thread by @WhatSymondsSays He lays it out very well. #OnePride @Lions

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#Lions fans do You think the team is settling on #DanCampbell as potential new HC? They seem to let the Top HC Candidates go to other teams. #NFL #OnePride

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Report suggests Detroit Lions have decided on next head coach #OnePride

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New Orleans Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell has emerged as the front-runner to land the Detroit Lions vacant head coaching position. (via @BobHeyrmanDJC)   #OnePride #NFL #NFLTwitter

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Okay #OnePride fam, what are your predictions for our OC and DC if we do hire Dan Campbell?

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@WorldofIsaac happy birthday sir! I hope you have a great day my friend! #OnePride

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@Lions Got your back - go get ‘em!! #onepride

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Please hire Joe Brady.

Brad Holmes @Lions


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Pair of former Detroit Lions coaches are favored to join forces with Urban Meyer #OnePride #Jaguars

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Ok ok, I’m all in on Dan Campbell! I think he brings in a solid DC, retains Bevell and brings his old teammate @danorlovsky7 in as QB coach. I also think they keep Stafford, maybe get Smith in the Draft and Golladay stays. They go D in Draft and FA after! 🤷🏼‍♂️ #OnePride #lions

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Detroit Lions should sign Bears WR Allen Robinson
By: @LLamorandier

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Dan Campbell’s coaching connections from his playing days:

Played with:

Gerald Alexander
John Kitna
Mike Furey
Dan Orlovsky
Aaron Glenn
Terrance Newman
Marcus Spears
La’Roi Glover

Played For:

Anthony Lynn
Todd Haley
Tony Sparano
Todd Bowles
Mike Zimmer


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Bud Dupree is the most slept on pass rusher in the @nfl. I still don’t know how he haven’t been voted into the pro bowl yet. Smh @Bud_Dupree

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My dad was the biggest @Lions fan I know. All he wanted to do was go to a superbowl and watch the Lions play. I know he will always be there with me especially for the super bowl run. Rest in paradise dad. Til we meet again. #OnePride

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