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@RizzShow Grandpa owns an antique car dealership. I found where he hid his cash. Slowly stole from the pile to buy weed. Bragged about the money to my dealer. Him and his friend broke in an took it all days later. Over 5k gone. All my fault. 💔💔💔 #Regrets

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@Alyssakeyssss Sa true lang hahahaha char tapos ending #regrets 🤧😂

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gwy nandito ako para sabihin na nilagpasan ko yung part na 'yon #regrets CHAROT

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never doing premarital eye contact ever again #regrets

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@BylineTV @beursanalist #Regrets, well .. yeah, ehh, well, you know, ..

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Merci @christophearend pour son engagement pour l' #APFA. C'est un mauvais signal que l'absence du ministre français des transports aux côtés de son homologue allemand, s'agissant de ce sujet fondamental qu'est la collaboration franco-allemande #regrets @Djebbari_JB @lejsl

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lol shud i hav stayed blonde .. #regrets #thinking

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@Kooph0ria nasa moa din ako pero di ko pa sila ni stan sa mga time nayan 😭 #regrets

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Sheesh. The Lions hired Campbell over this guy?? #Regrets

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i should have tagged the posts w /dsmp 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ #Regrets

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I’m never making myself Barney again #regrets

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I already regret playing VR Chat. #twitch #cafesparrow #vrchat #regrets #why

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‘Stop introducing yourself to the next season of your #Life with the resume of #Regrets from your last one.’

.@stevenfurtick x #LeaveItOut

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Worth it pa ba na ikeep kita o mas okay na bumitaw na lang?
🥺😔 #regrets

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Nurse Reveals the Top Five Regrets People Make on their Deathbed #regrets

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#Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy today: “It's always good to be mentioned & having an opportunity to pursue your dreams. Yes, I want to be a HC, but when it's all said and done, my job is to make sure I'm not taking away from the goals we're trying to accomplish."

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No one is meaner than a crazy jealous woman and I should know. Don’t mess with me or you regret. #jealouswoman #joke #regrets #dontmesswithme

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Appreciate the things while you've them, 'cause once you decide to let them go, they may never come back, no matter how hard you try when you realise it's too late.
#JustHumanThings #Regrets

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Most of my friends are younger than me #Regrets

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should have climbed up and stayed a while #regrets

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How I wish I could go back time and correct all my mistakes. I'm hunted by regrets. #debt #problems #headache #regrets

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#faults #errorsihorrors #Error Encyclopedia with novel's flow site: Women Admit Their #Top #Regrets -Can We Learn?

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@_YungBleu this song is🔥🔥🔥🔥 #regrets

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gagi nandito ako sa parking lot kung saan naganap ‘yung car scene sa aotd lol

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#Texting #partyinabox #drunkhistory 3 civilizations in 1 book site: #Women Admit Their Top #Regrets -Can We Learn?

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lahat ng kaklase kong nagkumon ang galing sa math #regrets

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TFW you get your order from @ChipTheoryGames for the rest of the #toomanybones expansions, and you realize you somehow forgot Dart, and only Dart.

#regrets #boardgames #games #boardgame #tabletopgames

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#Regrets are good.
Why? because realizing a mistake is a proof of growth. 😊

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@ecopigmenttttt Same!!! Isang jeep lang pero di ko nagalaan. 😭 #regrets

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You never regret what you can't do.

You only regret what you could've done but didn't do.

Hence, a life full of regrets is built on choice, every step of the way.

#Choices #Mindset #Regrets

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nung pa start pa lang klase g na g ako sumali ng nihonggo ngayon #regrets nalang ://

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Ouch. So basically Canadian Taxpayers Federation Kenney would have attacked Premier Kenney & forced him to pass "no more boondoggles legislation' so Premier Kenney wouldn't waste any govt money on boondoggles, because the taxpayer almost always loses


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every asian kid has experienced at least one of these classes in middle school

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