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 1 year ago

LET'S ROB A MUSEUM!! A Heist with Markiplier is finally here so just stick to the plan and click this link to watch FOR FREE: #AHWM

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 1 year ago

@jesselgort @markiplier But are you willing to go for destruction of property when Wendy's gets rid of spicy chicken nuggets

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 1 year ago

@gianna_jolie_ @markiplier You know what to do

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 1 year ago

@markiplier ironic i’m at a museum rn damn

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 1 year ago

@markiplier i’m willing to go to jail for u

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@markiplier I just watched the first part!!!!! Amazing!

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 1 year ago

@markiplier Yaaaaaayyyyyy

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@markiplier yes omg

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 1 year ago

@markiplier 10/10

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 1 year ago

@markiplier YES IM SO PROUD

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🎈BREAKING : Agnès Buzyn : « les risques de propagation des variants anglais et sud africains sont très faibles. » #coronavirus #Covid_19 #confinement3 #variantanglais #Castex

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@cblive why can't @LeoVaradkar speak with his counter part in Northern Ireland instead of gloating about speaking to @jacindaardern so false with his false flag. Speak to the Northern Minister's #politics #ShouldntGetInTheWay #Covid_19 #COVID19ireland #TestAndTrace #vaccines

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The CA Department of Public Health is ending the Regional Stay Home Order across California. See what is open near you:

#California #Covid_19 #SiliconValley

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Children may not be getting sick from #Covid_19 but they are suffering
#schoolsreopeninguk is a complex issue
@BBCNewsnight asked #secondary pupils who gave great answers
More needs to be done to support learning
@deb_cohen @vicgoddard @ViviennePorritt @Morsecat @halfon4harlowMP

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✋🏽🔴🦠🤰👶 El Hospital Mónica Pretelini ha atendido 4,500 nacimientos en 2020
•Registra 69 recién nacidos positivos a #COVID_19
•169 mujeres positivas de las cuales, solo 41% dieron a luz a un bebé con infección al nuevo coronavirus 👇🏼 Más Información

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I had two #Covid_19 tests today still feeling bad Pray for me I get my results tomorrow 💕💜💕💜💕 #truelife #prayforme #GoodVibes

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🥫Felicidades a los trabajadores de la industria alimentaria y la pesca en este día. Ustedes que en medio de este enfrentamiento a la #Covid_19 continúan laborando para todos, seguir adelante, buscando alternativas, cumpliendo las medidas sanitarias. #CubaPorLaVida 🇨🇺

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