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@CodyHettinger @Drake My paintings

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@Schlayygs @Drake You’re really a hater.

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@Drake W

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@Drake 🚮

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@Drake Like if Carole Baskin did it.

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@Drake Slide

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@Drake To whoever is reading this, you're beautiful in every way possible ❤
Hope everyone`s doing alright and staying safe.Sending loads of love xx

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Creo que Smash tiene una comunidad impresionante con millones de personas en todo el mundo que juegan a este gran videojuego y se merece por lo tanto un gran apoyo. #SaveSmash

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Para mi Super Smash Bros es más que un videojuego, llevo compitiendo y disfrutando como nunca de Smash desde hace tres meses y esto me ha permitido conocer a mucha gente increíble de la comunidad de SBS. #SaveSmash

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A passionate grassroots video game community should either be supported by it's publisher, or left alone entirely. It shouldn't be left in the awful middle ground it's at now where it gets punished for existing but also gets used for marketing.


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#SaveSmash What's insane is that Nintendo could easily make a peripheral compatible with the GameCube just so it could play Smash online. Absolutely pathetic.

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