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 3 months ago

#BREAKING: New York just launched COVID Alert NY, an exposure app that will alert you if you were in contact with someone who has COVID.

The app will never track your location & is completely anonymous.

Protect your community, yourself & your privacy. Download the app today ⬇️

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 3 months ago

@Marcio28Stacey @NYGovCuomo And that’s why US is number one in cases and deaths.. NY however is controlled. Thanks governor cuomo !

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@NYGovCuomo Well done Andrew. Why couldn't Trump or Pence think of this ? Oh I know why, it's because they don't give a shit about the American public, particularly New Yorkers.

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@NYGovCuomo Will this link with any other state COVID tracking apps? PA and DE talk to each other I’ve been told, would be great if multi-state integration could happen. If EZ passes work past state lines, this could happen too I hope!

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 3 months ago

@dschwartz001 Covid Alert NY does not track your location or use GPS. It does not collect any personal data. It's completely anonymous. The app uses Bluetooth technology to sense proximity to another phone with the same app, but not geographic location. More info at

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 3 months ago

@NYGovCuomo Need to know more about security of the app.

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Puc dir q #EuphoriaHBO, la @rosalia i la col.laboració amb Billie Eilish m'importen un colló? Ens hem begut l'enteniment, oi... La pressió mediàtica és un deliri Avui veuré 'The Big Heat', d Fritz Lang, amb Glenn Ford i Gloria Grahame. @ARA_media @xcervantes1 @diariARA @lamartix

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Buah, #EuphoriaHBO qué viaje capítulo a capítulo

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For some reason, I liked Jule's episode more. #EuphoriaHBO

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piękny ten odcinek, popłakałam się 🥺 #EuphoriaHBO

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If ppl start complaining again 'where 's the glitter? Wher's the makeup and where's the aesthetic' for an episode that's an hour long therapy session i'm gonna lose my shit

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Aller enfin, après autant de galère. #EuphoriaHBO

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