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 1 month ago
Not the result we wanted. We continue the work. Focus on the next one. #PlayBold @RCBTweets

Not the result we wanted. We continue the work. Focus on the next one. #PlayBold @RCBTweets

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 1 month ago

@vivekpunekar @imVkohli @RCBTweets 😂😂😂
Nice joke

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@IamSahej @imVkohli @RCBTweets @surya_14kumar @BCCI @mipaltan If Players are Selected on the basis of IPL then Sourabh tiwary would have been Captain of Team India Till Now

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@dev_tk @imVkohli @RCBTweets Sending burnol to u

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@imVkohli @RCBTweets You guys never going to Playoff for sure

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 1 month ago

@imVkohli @RCBTweets You deserve this...

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 1 month ago

@imVkohli @RCBTweets India needs to have separate team for T20. Drop all test / odi players. New T20 team excluding Ro, Virat, KL, Shreyas Pant etc. Include players like SKY, Sanju, Rana, Rayadu, Bishnoi, M Ashwin, R Chahar, Deepak Chahar, Natrajan, Tyagi, Arshdeep, Devdutt, Ishan, Varun C ...

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 1 month ago

@imVkohli @RCBTweets Steyn is legend! Agreed but he’s old now! Why are you’ll replacing him with @IAmIsuru17 🙆🏻‍♂️ @RCBTweets @imVkohli you’ll deserve to loose this year for team selection 🙄

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 1 month ago

@imVkohli @RCBTweets Just look at the face of @imVkohli looking @surya_14kumar bat.. He has Slapped on face of @BCCI selectors and #Viratkohli .
Great team performance by @mipaltan .
@RCBTweets should have shown more patience while batting.

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Final de #TheUndoing ? Bagunça

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Was Nicole Kidman flying the helicopter? #TheUndoing

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Necesito ver YA MISMO la parodia de @nbcsnl de #TheUndoing #TheUndoing
Perdí un par de apuestas MAL.

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If I Had A Hammer would’ve been a great end title song for #TheUndoing

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Everyone... EVERYONE owes Sylvia an apology... even though we wanted it to be her so bad 😂😂😂 #TheUndoing

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But also, HOW did it even occur to Henry to put a whole ass hammer, wood and metal in a dishwasher TWICE? #TheUndoing

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