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A Trump campaign play in three acts:

they're just such fucking liars. it is B O N K E R S.

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@chrissyteigen With 70 million staunch defenders who est it all up

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@chrissyteigen They can’t help themselves.

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 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen That’s funny because that’s exactly what the other side thinks too

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@chrissyteigen The 2016 election was fixed

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@chrissyteigen And the lies continue

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 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen I like the last one - ie their lawyers have notified him by email! 😂

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 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen They are going down in flames. So sad 😞

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@chrissyteigen They cannot stop lying

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 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen Any guy who asks for my number now is getting this. 😂

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¿Se verá muy mal que me haya esperado hasta este momento para confesar que #AhsokaTano Ahsoka Tano siempre ha sido mi jedi favorito?

Muy genial Rosario Dawson. Grande Filoni.
#TheMandalorian #Grogu

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What a amazing episode! #RosarioDawson is soooooo badasss #Ahsoka and can’t wait to see more of her in the series

#TheMandalorian #AhsokaTano

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#AhsokaTano es tendencia absténgase de ver este tt si no han visto el último capítulo de #TheMandalorian

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Dear @disneyplus, @dave_filoni, and @starwars,

Please let Chapter 13 of @themandalorian be a pilot episode for an #AhsokaTano series.


The Fans


#StarWars #DisneyPlus #TheMandalorian #jedi #Grogu #TheCloneWars #TalesOfAhsokaTano #MayTheForceBeWithYou

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I know im a little late but holy shit this shit and the episode is amazing this is my favorite shot of my girl #AhsokaTano #Mandolarian

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