People who didn’t congratulate President-elect Biden so far:

Brazil’s President.
Vladimir Putin.
The Chinese dictator.
Turkey’s president (autocrat)

And 90% of Republicans in Congress.

What do they all have in common? 🤔

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Correction: the Turkish autocrat just congratulated Biden.

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@DrFifiRx Profile picture Fif de Florence


 2 weeks ago

@RepsForBiden Dictators

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@js_tribe Profile picture TribeTownJS


 2 weeks ago

@RepsForBiden They've all been in a hot tub with Kimberly Guilfoyle?

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@RepsForBiden Hmmm...

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@amitshakya23 Profile picture The Shakya


 2 weeks ago

@RepsForBiden I think Turkey President just did.

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@ericowensdc Profile picture Eric Owens


 2 weeks ago

@RepsForBiden We got Turkey. Even Turkey!

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@RepsForBiden Erdogan actually recognized and congratulated Biden this morning according to reports.

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@ndreu___ Profile picture Barlo


 2 weeks ago

@RepsForBiden Erdogan just congratulated him 30 min ago

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A disfrutar

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Don't @ me, but as someone who never watched The Clone Wars animated series and Rebels, #AhsokaTano means little to me. And I get why the fans who have waited years to see her in live action are over the moon, but I personally found ep. 13 underwhelming. #TheMandalorian

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Mr. @dave_filoni thank you for Chapter 13 it was easily a 12 out of 10 and might I say @rosariodawson was just PERFECT on so many levels. @themandalorian @starwars #AhsokaTano #Starwars #TheMandalorian This is the way!

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