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During a press conference, Secretary Mike Pompeo said there would be a “smooth transition to a second Trump administration” and did not mention President-elect Joe Biden.

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@dgoldtech @HuffPost Snowballs melt.

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@HuffPost He probably knows something that you and the rest of your MSM don’t know.. The snowball is getting larger ..

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 1 week ago

@HuffPost To anyone who says he’s joking, everything he says or does not say is deliberate.

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 1 week ago

@HuffPost Insane

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 1 week ago

@HuffPost Criminals protecting criminals

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 1 week ago

@HuffPost They should arrested for dishonoring the constitution....

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 1 week ago

@HuffPost Regardless of your party affiliation, this sad and shameful

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@HuffPost They are beyond ridiculous.

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 1 week ago

@HuffPost Disgusting

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#BTS #BTSxCorden | Джеймс Корден, the late late show, cozy-material | помните, как в 2013 году Бантан уезжали из общежития на новогодние праздники и только Хосок остался один [в общежитии]. Поэтому Юнги приехал к нему и привез с собой курочку 🥰🥺🥰


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Pienso que en esta parte de Jungkook con el periódico y el escrito que lleva, nos transmite que a pesar de que pasen tantas cosas y hayan cambios inesperados en la vida, esta continúa y tenemos que seguir.
BTS es increíble. Los amo💞💞
#BTSxCorden @BTS_twt

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Khung cảnh giáng sinh an lành
I Voted for #bts on #MAMAVOTE @BTS_twt

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Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu: “Eğer benim dokunulmazlığımı kaldırmazsanız namertsiniz, vatan hainisiniz; sizden mi korkacağım?
#BTSxCorden #benimöğretmenim #kılıçdaroğlu #mhp #chp #çakıcı

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Tan tranquilo y hermoso 🖤🤍❄☃️🎄🎆🧨🎁 tan navideño todo... LOVE HIM 💘.

#BTSxCorden #LifeGoesOnWithBTS #BETODAY #ArmyLovesBE #BEbyBTS #BTSonGMA #SUGA @BTS_twt

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Funny how liberals say it's okay to abort babies but think school shootings are tragic. Like oh you get to decide which kids die. Maybe to the shooter, slaughtering pre schoolers was "his truth". #NiceAHorrorFilm #SaveSmash #BTSxCorden #YourLightWithTXT

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