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 1 week ago
Replying to @RepsForBiden: #LockHimUp

Replying to @RepsForBiden: #LockHimUp

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buenos dias

lets #SaveSmash today

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on a qu'a tous aller sur RoA hein #SaveSmash

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another rally in the form of #SaveSmash?

nothing is going to happen. no amount of yelling is gonna get a multibillion-dollar company to start caring. any major current melee is in that are sponsored by Nintendo is fucked.

summit wasn't taken down as Nintendo didn't sponsor it.

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Every time I’ve moved Smash has been an outlet for me meeting new people and making some of the best friends I have. Don’t know where I’d be in life without this beautiful game. #SaveSmash #FreeMelee

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And profiting off of grass roots events. Its legit one of the lamest things Ive ever seen. I love smash more than anything and knowing that we had big companies and teams wanting to get into the game, ultimately being shut down by Nintendo makes me furious.


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