Gen. Gustave Perna: "We have capitalized on the best contracting, logistics, and planning experts available to synchronize and integrate all phases of the operation."

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@Dok_Joss Profile picture how ab no


 2 weeks ago

@BeatJizzle @WhiteHouse granny spittin bars like they nothin

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@LarsChumley Profile picture Lars Chumley


 2 weeks ago

@WhiteHouse When will trump concede?

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@aubman Profile picture aubman


 2 weeks ago

@WhiteHouse How it's going...

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@JasonHowenz Profile picture Jason Howe


 2 weeks ago

@WhiteHouse It's comparable to the band playing on the deck of The Titanic.....

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@WhiteHouse 250 k dead ?

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@BeatJizzle Profile picture ETHEL


 2 weeks ago

@WhiteHouse Trumps hair lookes whiter than his supporters

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@WhiteHouse You’ll never find rainbows if you’re looking down.

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@lucky_is_max Profile picture PRADA🍥


 2 weeks ago

@WhiteHouse Let’s grow together
I follow back instantly

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#UFCVegas15 bonuses: Anthony Smith's sweet sub scores one of four performance bonuses

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Anthony Smith weathers early flurry, submits Devin Clark in 1st #UFCVegas15

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#UFCVegas15 prelims recap: Anderson dos Santos throttles Martin Day via

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Well this aged well after a fantastic night of fights #UFCVegas15 was crazy, finish after finish .
Time to sleep - 7am - Hope everyone enjoyed the fights 👍

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Anthony Smith keeping things open on what’s next and said he’s seen something from Paul Craig and thinks that’ll be a fun matchup #UFCVegas15

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The suits are on point tonight! Brett, Michael, Walt, and Brandon looking sharp #UFCVegas15

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That didn't take long at all!

Anthony Smith needed just two minutes and 34 seconds to make Devin Clark submit in the main event of Saturday's @ufc Fight Night! #UFC #UFCVegas15


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Congrats to @Dahladino. Went hard on Mazany and sprinkled in the cheap underdogs. #UFCVegas15 #UFCPinkSlip

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