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 2 months ago

good mourning

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@therachelrach @markiplier "And the trumpets they go" - Jason Derulo (as a sad Unus Annus fan)

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 2 months ago

@TheSodaMan115 @markiplier One Dr Pepper please

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@7theavenharry @markiplier What's unnus annus? Sorry I'm new to markiplier I rarely watch his vids so

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@SantRampalGVid @spiritualtime #सृष्टि_रचयिता_कबीरपरमेश्वर
Kabir Saheb is the creator of infinite universes. He is the father of all living beings. To know more listen Satlok Ashram YouTube channel

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If your companion does not include yourself then it is incomplete
#tuesdaymotivations #tuesdayvibe #quote
Jack Kornfield

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Your happiness
Your decision #tuesdaymotivations

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@SaintRampalJiM There is not even a trace of peace and comfort in this Kaal Brahm’s lok. The vices of lust, anger, greed, affection, arrogance, love-hatred, joy-sorrow are troubling every living being.
But there is Supreme peace & happiness in Satlok.

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