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 1 week ago

It's painful to watch my former employer -- the Republican National Committee -- spread election disinformation. At @GOP, I served a real president named George H.W. Bush. When he lost, he acknowledged defeat and did all he could to help the winner get off to a good start.

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@LevinsonJessica @jpitney @GOP For sure. And if you exclude the war crimes, he was super swell.

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@jpitney @GOP I may not have agreed with all of his policies, but it seems quite clear that President George H.W. Bush was a class act.

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@jpitney @jefftimmer @GOP The Republican Party forever tainted .

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@jpitney @reedgalen @GOP That is because we and he (GHW) are patriots. Trump and his GOP, who are truly "Republicans In Name Only," are not patriots, nor do they care if they harm the rest of us.

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 1 week ago

@jpitney @reedgalen @GOP I sincerely hope for a rise of a new Conservative party (and leave the current @GOP behind). Need to see a genuine and intellectual balance to progressive movement.

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@jpitney @GOP As well as every Republican senator, except one, stand by, mute. Not just the "I didn't lose" bullshit, but letting this transition go fallow in the midst of a terrible national health crisis.

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 1 week ago

@jpitney @jefftimmer @GOP Because he had country as priority over himself. That is not true now. They put self before country now ☹️

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@jpitney @GOP Many on the “Right”are addicts, addicted to their own comfort in a particular status quo.

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@jpitney @GOP If you can look yourself in the mirror and feel good about what you are doing, i guess it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. 😢

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well that was an utterly amazing episode #TheMandalorian

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That mandalorian episode was awesome! #TheMandalorian

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So....I could hear the heads of Star Wars fans collectively exploding around the world during that episode of #TheMandalorian.
And it's only gonna get better!!

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So, the big blue was name dropped. Does this mean we'll see... #TheMandalorian

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Juste excellent l'épisode de #TheMandalorian 10/10

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