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 1 week ago

A real hero never stops protecting oneself, so that others stay protected.💪 Choose Vize to stay safe and unbeaten. Because when you do, so does India. @VizeCare #VizeCare #StayUnbeaten #YouAreTheHero

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@imVkohli @VizeCare I love u my inspiration ♥️

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 1 week ago

@imVkohli @VizeCare King 👑 wishes

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@imVkohli @VizeCare May I come in 😜🙏🤗

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@imVkohli @VizeCare ❤️😊

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@imVkohli @VizeCare The king 👑

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 1 week ago

@imVkohli @VizeCare Hiii virat sir big fan

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@imVkohli @VizeCare Love you

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Another amazing show @HBO HOW TF do y’all do it?! #TheUndoing

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#TheUndoing Wow! That was intense! Great series! They really had me fooled, believing Jonathan would be innocent. All the seeds of doubt that were being sewn were head fakes. The obvious, most likely answer from the beginning, *was* the answer all along. @jasonkilar @Caseybloys

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@meenaharris And the pre-show anxiety I had earlier makes a late night return. #TheUndoing

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I don't see the problem. #TheUndoing

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Well I’ll be.... I was just waiting for a twist but they gave it to us straight! #TheUndoing

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Con ganas de cachetear al mocoso Henry... está viendo que el papá es el asesino y todavía se va con él ...

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