Trump’s day so far:

Loses his case in PA supreme court.

His fed nominee loses a vote in the senate.

VP-elect Harris get a warm reception in the senate.

More foreign leaders have called to congratulate President-elect Biden.

Biden is about to cross 80(!!) Million votes!

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New: a memory card was found during the audit in Fayette county with 2,755 votes. Decreased Biden statewide lead by 449. New margin total statewide in GA is a 12,929 lead for Biden

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@RepsForBiden Thats not the only 80 hes about to cross👴🏻

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What a loser!

Remind Trump that the American people have FIRED him! Get our #YoureFired shirt here:

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 1 week ago

@RepsForBiden Let’s not forget GA audit found nothing

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@RepsForBiden you know trump did get a red wave... with coronavirus cases

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@RepsForBiden Good news!!

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 1 week ago
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 1 week ago

@RepsForBiden Is Trying to pick a fight to leave a horrible mess for Biden not to forgett ...

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@RepsForBiden So it's been a pretty good day for Biden/Harris :)

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 1 week ago

@RepsForBiden ...and a partridge in a pear tree.

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Ahsoka LIVES! Thank you @rosariodawson!!!

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To clarify, this was exactly me throughout THAT opening sequence of #TheMandalorian #AhsokaTano = ❤️

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Seeing Ahsoka live action gave me chills 😅, we’ve taken his macaroons but have given him a name Grogu🥺 So many questions!!! Who saved him from anakin during his paddy, how many Jedi are out there!!!! #TheMandalorian  #AhsokaTano #BabyYoda #Grogu #starwars #DisneyPlus

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#TheMandalorian was THIS CLOSE to name dropping Anakin
#StarWars #AhsokaTano

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Lets fucking gooooo i need to know where is thrawn and ezra i just have to know im waiting for like 3 years for this! #TheMandalorian #ThisIsTheWay #StarWars #StarWarsRebels #rebels #AhsokaTano

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