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Tesla holiday software release is 🔥🔥

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@savvyfairyangel @elonmusk What's a girl gotta do to get a response from her favorite CEO, entrepreneur, innovator, future Emperor of Mars & Meme Lord?

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@narsocial @elonmusk I would probably love excel stories actually

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@cronieees @elonmusk Many other people did tho

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@elonmusk Such a tease! Can’t wait!!!

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@elonmusk Details ?

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@elonmusk Excel will have stories

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@elonmusk Bet

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@elonmusk Didn’t ask

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If you celebrating this colonial holiday, also feel free to tip Native folx like me
#thankstaking #thanksbutnothanks #NationalDayOfMourning #Thanksgiving

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My human had always wanted to go to Plymouth on this day...now live-streaming! #NationalDayOfMourning #Thanksgiving2020

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Learn about the #NationalDayOfMourning and you'll be just fine not celebrating this 'holiday'.

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#Bales2020FilmChallenge (by @bales1181) - November
🗓️: 2⃣6⃣/1⃣1⃣
🎬: Someone is mourning in the movie ( #NationalDayOfMourning)
#3DegreesOfBales (by @ithrah69 and @Ajayrogers) 🤔🔍🎞️⬇️

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As Americans gather to give thanks, It's A National Day Of Mourning for Native People. Today is a reminder of the slaughter of millions of Indigenous people and the colonization of their lands.

We stand in solitary with Native Americans!
#DayofMourning #NationalDayOfMourning

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Today is #NationalDayOfMourning

Having pea soup for lunch whilst listening to today’s presentation

Grief Experiences of Informed Caregivers in North America
Results from a scoping review

QELCCC’s Blueprint for Action:

#caregivers #grief #bereavement

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The only song you need every Thanksgiving is "The Parasite (For Buffy)" by the late and truly great Eugene McDaniels. Pay attention to the lyrics. #NationalDayOfMourning

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