A truly unforgettable day. Thanks again to everyone who helped donate to @weneedcrew by buying a ticket to the show and to @Bose for supporting my performance. #BoseHeadphones #TeamBose

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 6 days ago
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@NiallOfficial @WeNeedCrew @Bose A truly unforgettable day for us as well

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 6 days ago

@NiallOfficial @WeNeedCrew @Bose My sista was the first like nial

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@taylornation13 @disneyplus We had a marvelous time!!! thank you for bringing us all together 😭❤️ #folkloreOnDisneyPlus #FolkloreWatchParty

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@taylornation13 @disneyplus thank you guys for doing this! i’m super thankful you were online tonight, it made my evening <3 #folkloreondisneyplus #FolkloreWatchParty

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The phrases that you saved to write in a song, they were re good for the album. You have done so well. I am so proud. I have been your fan for a decade and will continue to be. I am so proud and I love you so much.❤ @taylorswift13 #folkloreOnDisneyPlus #FolkloreWatchParty

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@taylornation13 @disneyplus THANK YOU @taylornation13 and @taylorswift13 for hanging out with us tonight for the #folklorewatchparty #folkloreOnDisneyPlus Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving 💕 Talk to you soon!

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@taylornation13 @cinnamn13 my favorite part were @taylorswift13 & @jackantonoff’s conversations! so impactful & their friendship is THE BEST 🙌🏼

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@taylornation13 @disneyplus @taylornation13 Me when I rewatch or listen to folklore: the long pond studio sessions on @disneyplus or @spotify😂 @taylorswift13 Thank you for making quarantine 1300x better once AGAIN! #folkloreOnDisneyPlus #FolkloreWatchParty #folklore #taylorswift

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