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 5 days ago

A special behind the scenes look with @NiallOfficial during his live stream at @RoyalAlbertHall for the #WeNeedCrew​ platform. We're proud to support and be a part of Niall and his crew's success!

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@Bose @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall I vote #HeartbreakWeather for the Best Music Video @965TDY with #TDYAwards + #BestMusicVideo

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 5 days ago

@Bose @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall niall you have planned to do more shows

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 5 days ago

@Bose @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall I for one will be buying myself a pair

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 5 days ago

@Bose @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall We need a live from Niall here in the States!

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 5 days ago

@Bose @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall Okay, now you need to sell downloads of the show for those of us who want to watch it again!

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@Bose @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. thank you so much Bose for being a part of putting on a beautiful performance for a great cause 🤍

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 5 days ago

@Bose @NiallHQMedia @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall It was amazing

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 5 days ago

@Bose @NiallHQMedia @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall That was truly unforgettable ❤

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@Bose @karinna_le @NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall What a show. Thanks Bose for the support such a great cause. 😁🙌🏻

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 5 days ago
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@DonnieWahlberg Who is your favorite actor or actress?
#DWAir20Questions #Twug 😊❤🤖♾ Have a safe flight home Donnie

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@DonnieWahlberg #DWAir20Questions. Do you always tip 3k when you dine out? This is a huge deal in my town as I have read about 18 articles about you being generous everywhere from here to Canada

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@DonnieWahlberg how fun does this look 😍😍😍😍 #DWAir20Questions

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@DonnieWahlberg @jennyraej1979 Do you like whipped cream or cool whip on your pie? #DWAir20Questions

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