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🔵 Two years since 2012 winner & Chelsea legend Didier Drogba retired from football 👋

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@msniffe @ChampionsLeague @NenyeChelsea @didierdrogba @ChelseaFC 😂

Oya take one follow

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@ChampionsLeague @NenyeChelsea @didierdrogba @ChelseaFC So you think say if you follow me I no go follow you back?? Walai I go follow you.🤲🏻

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@ChampionsLeague @didierdrogba @ChelseaFC Most overrated striker in premier league history, should never be compared to Jamie Vardy

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@ChampionsLeague @didierdrogba @ChelseaFC the worst champions league winner ever

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thanksgiving walmart #aew  #AEWDynamite  #adamsonbarbecue michael flynn #wwenxt  lori harvey #rhoc bad bunny bronny kasich oh deer wonwoo clifford

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I know Jericho gets a lot of props from fans on commentary. Eddie Kingston is on par if not better than Chris imo


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Was thinking that Lucha Bros should be the ones wrestling Butcher/Blade. PAC/Fenix have got good chemistry as well though. Makes sense PAC wrestling here as well


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More @OfficialTAZ on my TV screen please.

#TeamTaz #AEWDynamite

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Kenny looking awfully Flair-like lately #AEWDynamite

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