Mitch Kupchak and JB welcome @MELOD1P to Charlotte 📞📱

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@StoweVT2 Profile picture Gregory


 1 day ago

@hornets @NBA @MELOD1P Jordan was the greatest basketball player in my opinion and has been a complete flop as an owner? He’s out of his mind to pay Hayward this kind of money.

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 2 days ago
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@hornets @MELOD1P Kupchack is really bad at communication

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@RealEJRSports @hornets @MELOD1P All offense to Cho

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@hornets @MELOD1P Credit to mitch no offense to cho but he has a better eye for talent 👏🏾

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Disappointed I didn't see enough of @Chrishell7 on #DWTSFinale Can't say I'm surprised about the winner. I knew it was gonna be down to @kaitlynbristowe and @NevSchulman

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Sitting in my room DEPRESSED that @NevSchulman didnt win. Ive never been so upset about someone not winning DWTS and my bf tells me “it’s ok when Nev goes to broadway we’ll go see him” 😭💙 #DancingWiththeStars

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HOOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP I AM CRYING AND SCREAMING AND JUMPING WITH EXCITEMENT FOR @kaitlynbristowe!!!!! Can’t wait to see her add “DWTS Winner” to her bios ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #DancingWiththeStars

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Everything We Know About #DancingWiththeStars Season 29, Including the Winner

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I just screamed and scared my dog 😂😂 omg I’m crying I’m so happy for @kaitlynbristowe and @artemchigvintse y’all have killed it every week y’all deserve it congratulations #DancingwiththeStars

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REALLY @DancingABC !! Y’all could’ve made that mess believable! #Rigged
Blondie has history with #ABC and wins #ABCs #DancingWithTheStars Not surprised at all!!! The final two should have been #NellyAndNev #RecountDWTS #DWTSFinale

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NEV was RIPPED off!! ABC CLEARLY BENEFITS GIVING their Bachelorette the Mirror Ball Trophy and not the BEST DANCER from another network!! #DancingWiththeStars was RIGGED!!!👎

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