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Kudos to @KevinHart4real for allowing fans to experience him in a very intimate and vulnerable space. Love the pajama fit! 👏🏽 #zerofsgiven #comedy

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 2 days ago

@KevinHart4real Really made me wish I could go to a comedy show at Kevin's house. Such a cool idea.

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#GTMcontest44 #GilmoreTheMerrier
"Oy with the poodles already."

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Seems like penny has dropped for @Zillow CEO @Rich_Barton that one reason $Z is unprofitable is its top heavy with expensive non-productive Exec's. A Form 8K Filing detailing the departure provisions for #ZGLife Exec's & BIG question is WHO & WHEN? #BidenTransition #GTMcontest44

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Congratulations to our @UPtv #GilMORETheMerrier #GTMcontest44 trivia winner @LaurieKransky! You deserve this badge for a job well done!

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