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@KevinHart4real Just finished watching #ZeroFucksGiven on #Netflix. You’re killing me with Nurse Jose bit, BOP & Especially Men over 40! 😂🤣🤪😷
You nailed Your stand up & you keep doing you!
I LMAO, which was much needed❣️
Loved your Beautiful Family💖
Recommend Highly👀

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🎶 #TrumpTheFool's once, twice, three tiiiiiiiimes a loser, & I loooooOOOooathe him...🎶 #AllEyesOnMI #YouLost #BYEBYE

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Petition to redesignate Ronna Romney McDaniel “Election Karen”. Her party is trying to disenfranchise all voters of color in Michigan she has the nerve to say people are mean to Republicans. #electionkaren #AllEyesOnMI

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Norm Shinkle & Emily Murphy are American heroes, way more than those losers who die for our country like SUCKERS! I define Patriotism as any law-breaking done to keep their cult leader (that’s me) out of prison!

No collusion, perfect call, I won!

#AllEyesOnMI #TrumpTheFool

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Is anyone else watching The Michigan Board of State Canvassers on @cspan like it’s a Soap Opera?? 👇😂

#CertifyTheResults Michigan‼️

#AllEyesOnMI #DemVoice1

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#tismillertime carti janet yellen #KEEMSTAR shinkle #trumpthefool #cookingfail #AllEyesOnMI cartoon network tony meatballs #giftagamer persona 5 santana ariana grande blankpink fancam

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💙⬇️ Just wanted to send a thank you to all the poll workers for all your long hours & hard work to make our Democracy work! 💙 & especially to the poll workers in ⬇️ this story in #Michigan who were being harassed (& all other poll workers with similar stories)!! #AllEyesOnMI

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