The Boxing story in @KevinHart4real #zerofsgiven 55 mins 20 secs in is crazy 😭😭🀣 😭. Me and the fam agreed to move on after rewinding for The 3rd time so we cud finish the movie . #leftylouearl πŸ”₯πŸ’―

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Time to watch this obvious controlling abuser on #TheFamilyChantel .... It's super fucking hard to watch.

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Royal hates his family just as much as we do!


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"Chantel is stupid" LOL #thefamilychantel #TLC

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Is it me... or does Nicole have no braces in tonight's scenes and then braces in next week's previews? #TheFamilyChantel

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Why did the family Chantel end the episode that way 😭😭 #thefamilychantel

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I believe Angenette Royal’s body language says it all #thefamilychantel

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I really thought Royal was gonna be the sane member of #TheFamilyChantel...turns out he is a pathological liar. And a bad one at that. Angenette seems a little off too tbh. #90DayFiance

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I feel like Royal might be abusing Angenette somehow. She’s going too hard around everyone like she’s finally comfortable 🧐 #TheFamilyChantel

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