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@KevinHart4real Just finished watching #ZeroFucksGiven on #Netflix. You’re killing me with Nurse Jose bit, BOP & Especially Men over 40! 😂🤣🤪😷
You nailed Your stand up & you keep doing you!
I LMAO, which was much needed❣️
Loved your Beautiful Family💖
Recommend Highly👀

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@KevinHart4real The group chat bit was 🔥🤣

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@KevinHart4real BOP after a butter beatoff!

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@KevinHart4real I need me some BOP!

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Also if that’s not a fumble, but an incomplete pass, then the NFL needs to throw the flag more for intentional grounding, no? #LARvsTB

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#LARvsTB se cayó la ofensiva de #GoBucs en la 2da mitad, errores en ejecución y entregas de balón y #RamsHouse ha podido aprovechar esto y tienen la ventaja, sus pases rápidos impiden los blitzes y Goff anda certero #NFL #Blitzeando

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Mostly, fuck these ass-kissing NFL talking heads calling that a “great call.” That’s a fumble and a terrible fucking call. #LARvsTB

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I can’t even believe it’s possible for the Buck’s offense to play this bad... holy shit #LARvsTB

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@NFL_Journal @UniWatch .@UniWatch Gotta love the #MNFxESPN #LARvsTB commentary:

Louis: "This is a critical 3rd situation and can potentially change the outcome of this game."

Steve: "@Buccaneers wearing all pewter tonight."

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Bucs def got to make a turnover again. Bucs offsets got to run better #LARvsTB

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This is ur last fucking chance @Buccaneers make a play ! #LARvsTB

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Rams defense heating up---Bucs 8 yards in 3rd Q . . . Rams 2nd half D has been excellent since Washington game.

have allowed 146 yards in 3 Q tonight (24 yards rushing)

#RamsHouse #LARvsTB #RamsvsBucs #MNF #MNFxESPN

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