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Kev definitely dropped some gems I needed to hear on #zerofsgiven . Lol I love that man

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@KevinHart4real 💓💓💓💓💓

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@KevinHart4real Excitingly hilarious and well delivered, if you are a man and over 40 years, don't watch #zerofsgiven with your wife 😁😁😁

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@KevinHart4real Great special! Thanks for letting us know you have money

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@KevinHart4real Whole time

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@marceelias Michigan state board of canvassers have voted to certify the election results 3-0

Norman Shinkle abstained

#AllEyesOnMI #Michigancertification #306beats232 #BidenLandslide

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Everyone knows this means that Spanky lost again‼️‼️‼️


#MichiganCertification 💥💥💥💥

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The best thing that @JocelynBenson and the #MIDems did re: #Michigancertification is they didn't let the corrupt @GOP talk into a vacuum like they do on Fox. Benson was on TV a lot and repeatedly highlighted the legal duties and limits of the State Canvassing Board.

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I just published a quick overview of today's Michigan State Board of Canvassers meeting.

@VenturaReport @NeilWMcCabe2 @ThatTrumpGuy @Perpetualmaniac @MaryamHenein @Timcast

#michigan #vote #Michigancertification #MichiganGOP #MichiganBoardofCanvassers

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Did Michigan certify yet? OMG THEY DID! They DID! haha ya' lost twice Carrots 😂🤣 #Michigancertification

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#Michigancertification Election Board certified the results that #Biden kicked #TrumpLoser ass.

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#Michigancertification #TrumpLost woohooooooo Michigan's state board certifies Biden's win

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