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 4 days ago

The Shevchenko sisters, @BulletValentina and @AntoninaPantera, went 2-0 at #UFC255

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 4 days ago

@ECJUnscripted @espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera Mom won a muay thai world title, dont know in what org tho

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 4 days ago

@BielsaBall @espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera Husband ....

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@espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera Whose the third one? The mom? Or another sister?

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 4 days ago

@AladdinBoss @espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera For sure

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@espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera Next year this will be the Diaz bros

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@espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera The first time two sisters have fought on the same card!

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 4 days ago

@espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera Valentina gas tank is unbelievable.

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 4 days ago
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@espnmma @BulletValentina @AntoninaPantera 2 goats ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

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@SallyMayweather @StrattyD @GovMurphy @NYGovCuomo @GovSisolak @GovWhitmer @GavinNewsom Especially those that died from isolation, those that died because family couldn't advocate in the hospitals, those that became depressed and committed suicide due the shutdowns. #Democrats @GovWhitmer @NYGovCuomo #lfs6b #AmyCovidBarrett #murders

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For the health of the community it is time to shun those who attend large public gatherings and that includes church services. #SuperSpreader #AmyCovidBarrett

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#AmyCovidBarrett Who thinks Mama Handmaid is having a wonderful family thanksgiving today after finding out sane people hate her?


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Hey #AmyConeyBarrett #AmyCovidBarrett
Like hurting people?
Don't worry, we knew.
Most of Trump's buddies do.


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#AmyCovidBarrett sure sure there's separation between church and state. NOT. I can hardly hear for the sound of founding fathers spinning in their graves.

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