Mane but with a B.

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(🎥: @TCUBasketball)

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@memgrizz @NBA @DBane0625 @TCUBasketball anjir nemu lagi model kyk Ja nih, musim ntr galak wah

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@memgrizz @DBane0625 @TCUBasketball 👏👏👏Welcome Bane😁🏀🎉

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➡️ #CoberturaCM - #WWERAW

Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross estava dominando o combate e a Alexa Bliss não tinha reação.

Até que isso era uma armadilha de Alexa que logo aplicou sei golpe em Nikki Cross e venceu o combate.

Vitória de Alexa Bliss.

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#WWERaw this is truly an end of an era. So sad. He was one of the superstars I really enjoyed as a little girl in the late 90s when I got into wrestling. #TheUndertaker

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#TisMillerTime #KEEMSTAR wawa #Dunkin #DWTS   #DWTSFINALE   rams goff #WWERaw   copper kupp carti #thefamilychantel #TheMandalorian  jisoo #Ravens #Browns  mike evans

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Randy Orton's anti-virus against Andre Smiles in a qualifying match for a contender ship spot for the DUBBA DUBBA YEET chompionship opportunity?!? Sounds good to me, but what about Drew McInfart?!?


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SHUT THE FUCK UP, TOM! This has already been a WrestleMania match! And it was literally a fucking year ago! How did you, well, actually Vince, forget that? #WWERAW

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