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 3 days ago

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Yo gangsters checc out how we ride on tha weekends.

Friends and family only. We got sum nice whips comin out tha shop next year so don’t trip. TGOD 🦈

Replying to @jfly2fly: so dope, love the message and vibe @wizkhalifa

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 3 days ago

so dope, love the message and vibe @wizkhalifa

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Hi i'm from México♡

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I want to ask Jackson! What does the mean of GOT7 to you? I love the moments you guys assemble so muchh

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You’ve been talking about super aegyo can Jb,BamBam and Youngjae show what it is? #AskGOT7

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What do you expect for next year?

(The fans in Brazil are eager to see you here)

@GOT7Official #GOT7   #AskGOT7 #GOT7_Breath   #GOT7_LASTPIECE 

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E aí ahgase, o que vocês sempre quiseram perguntar pro GOT7?

Usem #TwitterBlueroom #GOT7 #AskGOT7 #GOT7_Breath #GOT7_LASTPIECE @GOT7Official

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