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Quoted @wizkhalifa

Yo gangsters checc out how we ride on tha weekends.

Friends and family only. We got sum nice whips comin out tha shop next year so don’t trip. TGOD 🦈

I need some music G’s, some lifestyle !

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#SCOTUS choose this over science

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#SCOTUS decision didn't exactly say government couldn't shut down religious entities during pandemic. It stated religious restrictions had to align with secular restrictions. Cuomo allowed selling booze & bikes but not churches. #AmyConeyBarrett

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did anyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee remember to ask #AmyConeyBarrett whether she would impose "Sharia Law" on the US? #SCOTUS

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The #SCOTUS ruled for Americans to commit mass murder and suicide. I was a church goer until #COVID, my church is now 100% virtual. I get the same message, just safely. Christians, get with it. You don’t have to be in a building to be close to God. #AmyConeyBarrett

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@JonFlan I’m just gonna need anyone wanting to exert these rights to also exert their right to not walk into a hospital if you develop virus symptoms ! 😡 #SCOTUS #AmyConeyBarrett

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