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 3 days ago

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Yo gangsters checc out how we ride on tha weekends.

Friends and family only. We got sum nice whips comin out tha shop next year so don’t trip. TGOD 🦈

Replying to @DevinWallas: I need some music G’s, some lifestyle !

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 3 days ago

I need some music G’s, some lifestyle !

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I agree. And just getting some to start paying attention and fight for what's right instead of being apathetic.


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#ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor having a new president in 2021 🥰

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I learned SO much more about American politics, whose who, who does what, who are the arses, how easy it is to get away with the shit Trump did. They don't teach this in college!! #ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor. .

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Making the closet bigots easier to spot in the future.

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